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Cruise from Southampton

Posted on Monday, 8 April 2013

Cruising from Southampton could not be easier.  This brilliant UK port has been in full flow for many years now and continues to attract the world’s most renowned cruise lines.  With the incredibly effective systems in place and the impeccable work of the Southampton port staff it’s certainly not hard to see why.


So what’s so special about Southampton?  Well for starters, the history.  This UK port has been home to a vast amount of cruise ships over the years and has therefore developed an unrivalled reputation in the UK.  As one of the largest ports around, Southampton boasts multiple cruise terminals meaning many ships are able to dock on the same day without causing delays or hassle to any of the passengers on board. 


P&O Cruises as well as Cunard Line have been operating out of Southampton for a long period of time and continue to do so.  The recently refurbished Ocean Terminal is now home to the two cruise lines ships along with the Mayflower Terminal and the Queen Elizabeth Terminal.


The success of Southampton has in recent times seen the port attract many more cruise lines including Royal Caribbean and Celebrity CruisesPrincess Cruises also continue to homeport ships from the port and do so with great success.


One of the many reasons this port is so great is that there is no need to fly.  UK passengers can simply hop in a car or choose to opt for a coach service and head for Southampton with ease.  No hassle of waiting in check in lines at the airport, loading your luggage or waiting at the other end for the carousel to eventually start, only to realise your bag is going to come out last.  There is none of this stress here, it’s all actually quite simple and that is the true beauty of Southampton. 


From the moment you pull up in your car or coach you are instantly greeted by port staff who will guide you to the appropriate area.  Your luggage will be taken from you and delivered straight to the ship with no need to carry heavy bags through the terminal.  All you need to worry about it remembering all your hand luggage and making sure you smile nicely for the celebratory photo as you step on board.


So yes the simplicity is a huge attraction as your holiday starts from the moment you arrive at the port but what else makes Southampton so great?  Well it could also be the fact that we know that many passengers, you know who you are, do like to make sure they take enough luggage with them, in fact sometimes, they do like to take more than enough, maybe even everything but the kitchen sink, just to be sure your covered for all potential situations and weather.  If you were heading off for a fly cruise or just catching a flight in general, your luggage allowance is instantly limited at which point you start thinking, “how am I going to decide?” and cramming the case shut before doing that frustrating routine of weighing the case on your home scales.  At Southampton there is none of this.  You don’t need to worry about your luggage is it’s not a concern.  All cruise lines departing from Southampton do not put a restriction on the amount of luggage you are able to bring.  The truth is, bring what you like in terms of amount, it’s just not a problem.  The only thing they ask is that however many cases you bring, just make sure each one is not to full and so heavy that the luggage handlers can’t lift them. In that case you will have a problem but keep each one under the 23 kilo mark and you’ll be fine.  It is health and safety after all and you can’t blame the poor people for not wanting to hurt their backs.


These aforementioned points are huge advantages of sailing from this excellent British port but the one that has to take the gold medal is the fact that from Southampton you can now reach all four corners of the globe without breaking a sweat.  Southampton offers you the chance to set sail for a range of wonderful itineraries with the luxury of no stress, no hassle, just simple ease and that is what a holiday should be all about.  Visit the Mediterranean year round, head over to the Caribbean and back again, take in the sights and sounds of the magical New York city before returning home, marvel at the beauty of Canada and New England, it doesn’t matter where you wish to go, Southampton has it covered.  With more itineraries than ever before this superb port of call makes cruising easy and cruise lines that operate world cruises such as P&O Cruises, Cunard Line and Fred Olsen can even show you the entire world right from this port. 


Of course this is not the only port in the UK; we handpick a range of our top selling cruises each week just for you.  Be sure to check out our Sail from the UK section for all the best offers.

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