Sitka, a coastal gem in south-east Alaska, is steeped in Tlingit, Russian, and American history, and is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. The lush temperate rainforests, snow-capped mountains, and expansive ocean views create a breathtaking backdrop for this unique Alaskan town.

Where is Sitka?

Sitka is located on the west side of Baranof Island and the south half of Chichagof Island, in the Alexander Archipelago of the Pacific Ocean, part of the Alaska Panhandle. The town is 95 miles south-west of Juneau and lies along the western coast of the Pacific Ocean.

True Alaskan Beauty

Historical Chapters From America's Past

For those seeking adventure and exploration, Sitka doesn't disappoint. The awe-inspiring Sitka National Historical Park and the vast Tongass National Forest beckon, offering a wealth of hiking, climbing, and fishing. Wildlife enthusiasts will delight in viewing species like eagles, sea otters, and whales in their natural habitat. With its diverse heritage, breathtaking natural vistas, dynamic cultural scene, and a multitude of outdoor pursuits, Sitka truly personifies the spirit of the Last Frontier.

Why is Sitka for me?

Fascinating Wildlife
Spectacular Landscapes
Rich History

Fascinating Wildlife

The surrounding waters of Sitka Sound support an array of marine life, including sea otters, sea lions, and humpback whales. Seasonally, the area becomes a prime spot for watching orcas as they hunt for salmon navigating through the nearby channel. In the nearby forests, such as Tongass National Forest, a variety of mammals roam, including Sitka black-tailed deer, brown bears, and black bears. Smaller wildlife species like squirrels and marten thrive alongside the grandeur of their larger counterparts.

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