Cruises from Southampton 2024

As the most popular port offering cruises from the UK, you won’t be surprised to learn there’s no shortage of cruises from Southampton. It’s where many of the major cruise lines call home throughout the year, offering passengers a wide variety of itineraries that explore destinations near and far.

The Port of Southampton is so big that you will find a number of different cruise terminals. Once you’ve booked your Southampton cruise deal, be sure to double-check which terminal you are departing from!

Advantages of Cruising from Southampton

One of the main advantages of cruising from Southampton is that the city is well connected with so many things to do. Whether you’re travelling by car, plane or train, there are lots of options to get you to the Southampton terminal in plenty of time for your cruise holiday.

There are many hotels around the port area, so if you want to get to your cruise ship early on embarkation day, or perhaps extend your holiday, there’s no shortage of choice.

If you want to go on holiday soon you may be interested in our last minute cruises from Southampton.

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