Answer the call of the wild in Alaska. The Last Frontier is as vast as it is beautiful, snow-capped and evergreen, with a sense of wilderness that makes a cruise here feel like an epic adventure. This is the epitome of the great outdoors. A place for the adventurer, the wildlife obsessed, the inquisitive and the intrepid. Little wonder then that a cruise to Alaska sits on the bucket list of so many a cruiser.

Explore Alaska

Alaska is home to diverse Native Alaskan cultures, and many ports provide opportunities to learn about their customs and traditions. Engage with local artisans, explore historic towns, and hear fascinating stories from indigenous peoples who have lived harmoniously with this pristine land for centuries. Home to some of the largest and most impressive glaciers in the world, witness the power and beauty of glaciers like Sawyer, Hubbard, or Glacier Bay, as they sculpt the landscape and create a truly magical atmosphere. Take part in glacier exploration activities, such as kayaking around icebergs or taking a close-up cruise to witness the magnificent blue hues and thunderous cracks of these ancient ice formations

What awaits me in Alaska?

Majestic Landscapes
Unique Wildlife Encounters
Adventure at Every Turn
Charming Coastal Towns
Incredible Scenery at Every Season

Majestic Landscapes

Alaska is renowned for its awe-inspiring natural beauty. Prepare to be mesmerised by towering glaciers, rugged mountains, dense forests, and pristine fjords. Take in the sights of magnificent ice formations, witness calving glaciers, and marvel at the stunning wildlife that calls Alaska home, including whales, bears, eagles, and seals.

Popular cruise lines for Alaska cruises

Looking to sail to Alaska? These cruise lines specialise in holidays that will give you the ultimate Alaskan experience!


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