Step aboard one of Cunard's iconic ocean liners and embark on a voyage like no other. With a rich heritage, Cunard continues to set the standard for elegance, style, and exceptional service at sea. Cunard believes great service is warm and sincere, friendly, but never over-familiar.

White Star Service
Afternoon Teas
Gala Evenings
Event Voyages

Why cruise with Cunard

Cruising with Cunard offers a range of benefits that make it an exceptional choice for travellers seeking a luxurious and unforgettable experience. Firstly, Cunard's ships are designed to provide ample space for every guest. Additionally, Cunard offers 24-hour complimentary room service, allowing guests to indulge in delicious meals or snacks at any time. However, ultimately, Cunard's commitment to providing a sophisticated and enriching onboard experience, including lectures, classes, and high-quality entertainment, sets it apart as a remarkable choice for discerning travellers.

What's On Board?

Signature Afternoon Tea
Event Voyages
Fine Dining
Gala Evenings
Bars & Lounges
Iconic Transatlantic Crossings
Gyms & Spas

Signature Afternoon Tea

Join Cunard for Afternoon Tea, a cherished Cunard tradition that takes place daily. Lose yourself in the elegant Queen's Room as Cunard's white-gloved waiters serve exquisitely steeped tea from silver teapots. Indulge in freshly baked scones with cream, delectable finger sandwiches, and other delightful treats.

life onboard a cunard ship

Experience life with Cunard

Embarking on a Cunard ship is like stepping into a different realm, where you are embraced with warmth and hospitality from the moment you arrive. Cunard's dedicated staff take pride in providing genuine, personalised service, from the initial welcome to the attentive care given by your stateroom steward who knows you by name. Cunard understands that exceptional service is not about formality or rushing, but about creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. At Cunard, they believe in making every guest feel valued and cherished throughout their journey.

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