Explore the breathtaking world of river cruising

River Cruises

Embark on a river cruise tailored to your dreams. Whether it's Europe's vibrant capitals or Asia's enchanting villages, immerse yourself in the destinations of your choice.

Our partnerships with Luxury Cruise Lines ensure that every aspect of your journey meets the highest standards of quality and luxury. From sumptuous suites at sea, the highest levels of personalised service, unique shore excursions, cutting-edge wellness schemes and innovative luxury ships, you’ll set sail to the world’s most exclusive destinations, unpacking just once and experiencing new sights every single day.

Why choose a River Cruise?

Indulge in the extraordinary world of river cruising, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Leave behind the crowded coastal resorts and set sail on a captivating adventure through the hidden gems of a country's landscape.

Feel the thrill as you embark on a journey that unveils a tapestry of landscapes, from undulating hills to mystical jungles. Watch in awe as the scenery transforms before your eyes, revealing a varied vista that will leave you breathless.

As your ship gracefully glides along tranquil waterways, you'll discover a new sense of tranquility and serenity. Each bend of the river brings anticipation and excitement, as you eagerly await the next captivating destination that awaits you.

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What makes River Cruising unique?

Sail into the heart of a destination
Sail with like-minded people
Included shore excursions
Luxurious accommodation
Top-quality dining

Sail into the heart of a destination

River cruising offers an unparalleled advantage - direct access to some of the world's most remarkable cities. With no tender boats or transfers required, you simply step ashore and find yourself in the heart of these incredible destinations ready to be explored. This seamless and effortless transition allows you to make the most of your time, immersing yourself in the vibrant culture, history, and attractions that each city has to offer.

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River FAQs

Still unsure about Luxury? Want to know what makes it different? These questions might help you find the answers you need.

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Can I expect guided tours and excursions during a river cruise?

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