Greenwich is most notable for its maritime history and for giving its name to the Greenwich Mean Time. The district is home to several key landmarks such as the Royal Observatory, which houses the Prime Meridian Line, and the Greenwich Maritime World Heritage Site, which includes the Cutty Sark, a preserved 19th-century ship, and the National Maritime Museum. A mix of Georgian and Victorian architecture, lush parks, bustling markets, and a rich cultural scene make Greenwich a charming and attractive destination.

Where is Greenwich?

Greenwich is located in the southeastern part of London, England. It's situated on the south bank of the historic River Thames. Renowned for its maritime history, Greenwich is home to the Prime Meridian Line and is recognised as the traditional location of the Greenwich Mean Time. The coordinates for Greenwich are approximately 51.5°N latitude and precisely 0° longitude, as the Prime Meridian runs through it.

The Birthplace of Greenwich Mean Time

Maritime History Meets Parklands and a Bustling Market Scene

Nestled on the Thames' banks, Greenwich is a charming district located in south-east London. Globally renowned for the Royal Observatory, where the Prime Meridian Line originates, it sets the standard for Greenwich Mean Time. With picturesque paths weaving through Greenwich Royal Park and its bustling local markets, this London neighbourhood seamlessly fuses history with the contemporary era.

What is there to see in Greenwich?

Greenwich Meridian Line
Cutty Sark
Greenwich Market

Greenwich Meridian Line

A visit to the Greenwich Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, takes you on an exceptional trip into the world of astronomy and timekeeping. This longitudinal line distinguishes zero degrees longitude, establishing the global benchmark for measuring longitude. Standing astride the line delivers a unique thrill as you occupy the eastern and western hemispheres concurrently. Visitors can appreciate historical exhibits, delve into celestial discoveries, and view the official delineations of the line. The visit is topped off with a splendid vista of the London skyline from the observatory.

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