Known for its stunning beaches, lush mountains, and lush banana plantations, Martinique boasts the iconic Mount Pelée volcano and the bustling capital of Fort-de-France. The island captivates visitors with its diverse landscapes, Creole heritage, and balmy tropical climate.

Where is Martinique?

Martinique is located in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea. It is a part of the Lesser Antilles group of islands and lies about 22 miles from Dominica and 16 miles from St. Lucia. The island's western coast overlooks the Caribbean Sea, while its eastern coast faces the Atlantic Ocean.

Spectacular Landscapes

A treasure trove of natural wonders

Martinique's beaches vary from black volcanic sands in the north to white sands in the south, each providing serene Caribbean seascapes. The scenery is equally as diverse, making this island a must-see on any Caribbean itinerary.

Why is Martinique for me?

Incredible Beaches
Jardin de Balata
Le Carbet

Incredible Beaches

It almost goes without saying that Martinique's beaches are second to none. Les Salines is considered the most beautiful on the island; located on the southernmost tip, the waters are warm and shallow, making it perfect for families. Grande Anse des Salines is arguably the most popular on the island, known for its vibrant atmosphere, pristine sand, and coconut palm backdrop. If swimming is on your agenda, you can't go far wrong at Sainte Luce and Pointe Marin.

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