Princess Cays

Princess Cays is a resort that showcases a fantastic array of amenities and facilities, all while preserving the untouched beauty of this natural haven. The observation tower provides breathtaking panoramic views, while the complimentary beach barbecue adds a touch of tropical flavour. Whether it's sipping a refreshing drink, exploring various shops or the local craft market, the interconnected walkways ensure easy navigation through the resort. From volleyball to a host of water sports activities, entertainment options are plentiful, or you can simply unwind on the beach.

Where is Princess Cays?

Princess Cays is located at the southern tip of the island of Eleuthera, in the Out Islands of the Bahamas. It is approximately 50 miles from Nassau and 263 miles from Miami.

Princess Cruises Exclusive Resort

Enjoy a private beach party

Princess Cays, located at the southern tip of Eleuthera island in the Bahamas, is a private resort spread over 40 acres of natural beauty. With over a half-mile of white-sand shoreline, it offers guests numerous recreational options, including various water sports, volleyball, shopping, and beachside relaxation. Its notable features include an observation tower for panoramic views and a complimentary beach barbecue, providing an authentic island experience.

What Is There to Do at Princess Cays?

Private and Sanctuary Bungalows
Water Sports
Soak Up the Scenery

Private and Sanctuary Bungalows

Indulge in seaside bliss by enjoying the benefits of your own air-conditioned bungalow at Princess Cays. Each vibrantly decorated bungalow, ideal for a romantic retreat or family time, is conveniently situated near the beach. A handy tram service is available for easy transportation to and from these bungalows.

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