St-Martin & Sint Maarten

Despite living side by side on a single land mass, you can still line up quite different experiences in St-Martin and Sint Maarten. What unites the two is the incredible beaches, duty-free shopping opportunities and some of the most lip-smacking cuisine in the whole of the Caribbean. Creole spices and French herbs are used in abundance, and as for the seafood? Well, it doesn’t come much fresher. 

Where are St-Martin & Sint Maarten?

St-Martin and Sint Maarten are two parts of the same island, with the former being the French, northern area, and the latter residing in the south where it is under Dutch rule. Coincidentally, it’s the smallest area of land in the world that’s divided into two nations, which only adds to its geographical prowess.

Two Nations, One Island

Which unforgettable experience will you choose?

St-Martin offers a unique mix of French Caribbean charm and natural beauty. It is a tropical paradise known for its vibrant nightlife, interesting historical sites, luxurious resorts, scrumptious cuisine, and diverse marine life.

Sint Maarten provides a delightful blend of Dutch and Caribbean cultures. Renowned for its pristine, white sandy beaches, bustling markets, plenty of watersports activities, this part of the island provides a picturesque and storied backdrop for any stay.

What is there to do in St-Martin and Sint Maarten?

Visit Maho Beach
Take a Look At Philipsburg
Try World-Class Watersports

Visit Maho Beach

Talk about a beach with a difference! Maho is possibly one of the most photographed in the world. If its name alone doesn’t ring a bell, it’s the one where jumbo jets roar above your head as they take off and land. Pack your beach bag and selfie stick and visit the Dutch side of St Maarten if you want to feel the force. Literally.

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