Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line is all about non-stop FUN! They have the wettest and fastest waterpark, and the first-ever rollercoaster on a cruise ship. Enjoy IMAX movies and a delicious 'Green Eggs and Ham' Dr Seuss themed breakfast. Plus, they even have a Build-A-Bear Workshop at Sea!

Family Friendly
Sail From UK
Spectacular Entertainment
'Fun Ship' Concepts

Why Choose With Carnival Cruise Line

They’ve come to be known as top dog when it comes to cruises for families, but Carnival can do adult holidays oh so well too. The world’s only RedFrog Brewery spells hazy heads in the morning, and the less said about the after-effects of a night in the BlueIguana tequila bar the better. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, amigos! Meals can be a high-end affair – Rudi’s Seagrill has the ambience of a New England coastal retreat and Steakhouse could have come straight from New York City itself. Of course, it isn’t all indulge. After all, holidays need just the right blend of lazy days to balance those fun nights. Fortunately, the Cloud9 Spa is a shrine to R&R and Loft 19 is a deck-top retreat with a sea view and service that never falters.

Cruise with Carnival and there’s barely a place beyond reach. Those fun-filled ships come into their own sparkling against a Caribbean backdrop, or when slipping you beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge ahead of hours of snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

Carnival Cruise Destinations

You’ll spot their red funnels plying the Mediterranean too, or showing you fall in New England with an extra shot of Americana. And then there is Half Moon Cay, a private island paradise in which to play castaway. Cosy up in a clam shell or hang out in a hammock, canter through the surf on horseback, get to know the local silky stingrays or just…sit. After all, you’re on holiday.

Emeril Lagasse Chief Culinary Officer

Emeril Lagasse Chief Culinary Officer

Emeril is joining us as Carnival’s Chief Culinary Officer... plus he’ll be kicking it up a notch with his third bistro at sea!

Flavor has always been a part of a Carnival cruise, but we’re ordering up a future you can really get hungry for. Every sailing is going to be getting something new in the flavor department, now that Emeril has signed on as Carnival’s first-ever Chief Culinary Officer!

What You Will Find On A Carnival Cruise Line Cruise

Bars & Lounges
Gyms & Spas
Punchliner Comedy Club™


A great benefit, if not the best benefit to a Carnival Cruise holiday is the food, and you have got a whole world of dining at your fingertips, all included in the price of your holiday. There is a venue for every taste, a venue for every mood, even a venue to keep the smiles on the little faces, with Guy's Burger Joint. Plus, Favor flavor above all? See your way to Seafood Shack for something simply delicious. It’s always chicken o’clock at Shaq’s new onboard restaurant!

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