Hurtigruten Coastal Express

Hurtigruten Coastal Express

Hurtigruten are adventurers and expedition experts, sustainability leaders and intrepid explorers. Created for explorers, by explorers, and from the magnificent fjords of Norway to the awesome ice-filled bays of Antarctica, Hurtigruten is renowned for its unique range of voyages to remote, beautiful and dramatic coastlines.

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Why a Hurtigruten Coastal Express cruise is exceptional

Hurtigruten have been sailing the Norwegian coast since 1893 and nobody knows it better – they don’t know the locals; they are the locals. Between providing a local lifeline to communities between Bergen and Kirkenes, Hurtigruten also show guests from further afield the wonders of the Norwegian fjords. Mealtimes are a culinary journey through the world’s finest coastal kitchen, local suppliers meaning the freshest, tastiest ingredients sourced sustainably and served in Torget, the signature Hurtigruten restaurant that could hold its own amongst the world-class eateries of Oslo.

Reasons to sail with Hurtigruten Coastal Express

Experience more in Scandinavia
The Original Coastal Express
The Svalbard Express
The North Cape Express
History of Norwegian Coastal Express
Excursions with Hurtigruten

Experience more in Scandinavia

There's so much to experience on a Norwegian Coastal Express from a selection of tours that will lead you to the heart of Norway, Finland, and Estonia, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich experiences and hidden treasures of Scandinavia.

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