Silver Origin | Arriving Summer 2020

Silver Origin

The first destination specific ship built by Silversea, Silver Origin is the height of experiential travel in the Galapagos. Never before have the islands been so superbly presented: a team of Ecuadorian national expert guides, the highest crew-to-guest ratio in the Galapagos, 8 Zodiacs, seamless hybrid spaces that offer an extraordinary voyage – for extraordinary people.

All-suite accommodation, Horizon Balconies, butler service, sophisticated interiors, interactive Basecamp, Ecuadorian-inspired cuisine, no aspect of Silver Origin has been left to chance. It's also the most environmentally conscious ship Silversea have ever built.

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The perfect meeting point for Zodiac excursions, the Basecamp has been specially designed to offer you a chance to prepare for your next adventure. Featuring an interactive wall, the Basecamp doubles as an information HQ, where guests can access information on the fascinating flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands.

Explore lounge

With islands as beautiful as these, we know you want to spend as much time as possible experiencing them! When night falls, cosy up around the fire pit and contemplate the beauty of your destination – seamlessly taking you from day to night, the Explorer Lounge does it all!

Comfort meets destination

Imagine taking a bath with a sea lion. Or transforming your suite at the touch of a button. With Silver Origin’s ocean-view bathtub, balcony showers and pioneering Horizon Balcony, seeing the Galapagos up close has never been easier. Designed by Giacomo Mortola and his firm GEM, the team behind Silver Muse, Silver Origin’s all-suite accommodation has been conceived with the unicity of the islands in mind. Not forgetting butler service for every suite, regardless of category. Silver Origin is the definition of travelling deeper in luxury.

North Central Itinerary

The Galapagos is much more than a destination; discover the islands’ heritage as a living museum for all humanity. Get to know the inhabitants — from the red-footed, blue-footed, and Nazca boobies, to marine iguanas and sea lions — just a selection of what you’ll experience on this North Central itinerary. Every corner of this voyage will inspire you, just as it inspired Charles Darwin decades ago.

Western Itinerary

This 7-day journey in the Galapagos Islands will immerse you in nature’s most spectacular wonders. The western itinerary allows you to get up close to giant tortoises, flightless cormorants, sea lions, manta rays and more. Walk across otherworldly lava fields and learn about the islands’ history before and after Darwin made them famous.

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» All-suite accommodation
» Ocean-view bathtubs, balcony showers
» Horizon balconies
» Butler service
» Interactive base camp
» Ecuadorian-inspired cuisine
» Explorer lounge

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