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Discover the ultimate seagoing experience aboard Star Clippers tall ships, balancing the splendour, adventure and tradition of sailing with the excellent service and accommodations of the finest private yachts at sea.

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Embrace the nautical life with Star Clippers, offering a sailing experience that is both modern and classic, but never ordinary. Indulge in life on a tall ship, using wind charts to navigate to small boutique ports and harbours that larger ships aren't able to reach. From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, the Amazon and more, whereever you sail with Star Clippers they promise an authetic and intimate cruise experience.

Star Clipper & Star Flyer: True Clipper Ships

Star Clipper and Star Flyer pay homage to their proud heritage through their polished brass and brightwork. These modern, luxurious vessels accommodate only 166 guests, allowing for a blissfully relaxed experience much like travelling on a private yacht.

Star Clippers Tall Ship Cruising

Sail the globe on an authentic tall ship

With spacious accommodations, expansive teak decks, and two swimming pools, these ships provide ample outdoor space per passenger. Reminiscent of the grand age of sailing ships, antique prints and paintings, teak, and gleaming mahogany rails create an inviting decor. Experience open-seating dining, beautiful bars, and an Edwardian-style library where a Belle Époque fireplace adds to the warm and friendly atmosphere of this exceptional seagoing adventure.

What You Will Experience With Star Clippers

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Sailor for a Day

Experience the nautical lifestyle by learning the sailing techniques used by Star Clippers' marine experts. Their crew will guide you on hoisting sails, climbing the mast, and tying marine knots. Discover the names and functions of different sails, and learn to use a sextant. As night falls, renowned officers will teach you how to navigate by the stars, adding to the magical experience of gazing at the velvety darkness punctuated by stars.

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