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Dubai has come to be known as a country of excess and extravagance, a place where skyscrapers can never be too tall, restaurants can never be too expensive and shopping malls can never be too big. Speaking of shopping malls, Dubai’s are perhaps the only ones in the world where you can shop, eat, visit an aquarium, ice skate, pet a penguin, see a dinosaur and fly a plane, all in one place. This bold and brash destination has risen to become one of the most eagerly visited places in the world.

Soaring Skyscrapers

Discover a new level of glamour at the sparkling Dubai Marina, where skyscrapers soar behind palm trees and the country’s shopaholics dip and dive between over 300 boutiques. Picking up lunch between shops should be easy, but with over 60 restaurants to choose from on Dubai Marina Walk it’s more difficult than you think to decide between them. Visit the area at night and watch the city light up against the Arabian sky; mega-yachts glimmering on the harbour and streets illuminated with the glow of endless restaurants that spill into the streets.

We offer here the phrase ‘something for everyone’, but Dubai somehow manages to fulfil this promise at Jumeirah Beach. Kids go crazy at the Wild Wadi waterpark, adrenaline junkies take to the waters of the Arabian Gulf on jet skis and speed boats, and sun seekers fill super-yachts bound for parties in the ocean. Beach clubs take exclusivity to a whole new level and the city’s most beautiful top up their tans in Dubai’s almost constant sunshine.

Dubai Mall

Seek solace from the searing summer heat at Dubai Mall; with 1200 shops, 150 food outlets and even a theme park, you can expect a shopping experience unlike anything at home (plus tax-free savings!). If the city’s audacity becomes too much, head into the desert that sits on the outskirts and get the adrenaline pumping with a 4x4 safari across the sand dunes. Complete the desert experience with belly-dancing, camel rides and dinner served in a traditional Bedouin tent.

Vibrant and Energetic

Dubai makes no apologies for what it is; vibrant, energetic, and perhaps even a little frenetic. Only here can you dine on cuisine from every continent, see architecture that would be dismissed as fantasy back home, and seek out good times in a combination of artisan cocktail bars, temples dedicated to dancing and beach clubs where Cristal is sipped as frequently as Coca-Cola.

Some places can’t be done justice with photographs and words, sometimes they just need to be seen to be believed. Dubai is certainly one of those. 

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Dubai Highlights

  • Soaring Skyscrapers
  • Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Marina
  • Dubai Creek
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Wild Wadi waterpark

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