Asia & the Far East

Old and new combine in the Far East, tradition sitting nose-to-nose with innovation. Cities sprawl overhead, skyscrapers stacked like Tetris blocks, the street food kiosks below them proud and unexpected owners of Michelin stars. Visiting Asia on a cruise provides an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the continent's rich cultures, witness stunning natural beauty, visit iconic landmarks, and enjoy a luxurious and convenient mode of travel.

Explore Asia & the Far East

Busy cities jostle with serene beaches, swathes of cartoon green rainforest edge up to gin-clear seas, rivers come alive with markets and stilt homes, and gilded temples shine almost as brightly as the personalities of some of the world’s most friendly locals. A cruise to the Far East and Indian Ocean sends your senses into overdrive. Colours are more vivid here, smells stronger, the air hot and the pace a constant ebb and flow between fast-paced action and laidback luxury. Quite simply, you’ll find nowhere on Earth like it.

What awaits me in Asia & the Far East?

Diversity of Destinations
Iconic Landmarks and UNESCO Sites
Cultural Contrasts and Diversity
Rich Cultural Immersion
Scenic Beauty and Natural Wonders

Diversity of Destinations

Asia is a vast continent with a rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes. A cruise allows you to visit multiple countries and experience the vibrant cultures of places like Japan, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Thailand, and more. From bustling cities to tranquil temples, stunning beaches to ancient landmarks, cruising through Asia offers a variety of destinations to explore.

Popular cruise lines for Asia & the Far East cruises

Looking to sail to Asia & the Far East? These cruise lines specialise in holidays that will give you the ultimate experience!


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