Malta may be small, but it is oh-so-beautifully formed. Home to the tiniest capital city in Europe, this island spans just 20 miles by 10 - you won’t find a single lake or river here, but not that it matters. The Maltese islands archipelago is brimming with culture and a resident population who are about as friendly as they come. 

Where is Malta?

Malta is a small, island country located in the central Mediterranean Sea, nestled between Europe and North Africa. It lies approximately 58 miles south of Sicily, and around 180 miles away from Libya and Tunisia. It consists of three major inhabited islands - Malta, Gozo and Comino - and several that are uninhabited.

A Small Archipelago with Plenty to Offer

Warm climate, exceptional landscapes and a fascinating history

This archipelago tells the stories of ancient civilizations that have left their imprint on its land, from its prehistoric temples and fortified cities to its mosaic of architectural wonders. Balmy and inviting, Malta offers a unique palette of experiences, from exploring local culture and traditions in its bustling markets and festivals to unwinding on its beautiful beaches.

Why should I visit Malta?

The Blue Lagoon
Culinary Delights


Malta's capital of Valetta is dotted with plenty of sites sure to satisfy any visitor. Upper Barrakka Gardens is the ideal location to get that real ‘I’m on holiday’ feeling; either ascend on foot, or there’s also a lift that will do the job in a mere 25 seconds. Once you're on the upper level, peer over the edge where you’ll see a canon-lined promenade standing to attention. It’s from here that a salute resonates throughout the city at noon. Other highlights include St John’s Co-Cathedral which one of Caravaggio’s most famous artworks calls home, and Fort St Elmo, which affords views of the entire island.

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