As the second-smallest country in the world, Monaco is as culturally rich as it is exuberant. Try your hand in the world-famous casino or enjoy a splash of the high life ogling multi-million-pound yachts in the stunning harbour - this locale is downright glitzy, and it knows it.

Where is Monaco?

Monaco, officially known as the Principality of Monaco, is a sovereign city-state located along the Mediterranean Sea. This microstate is on the French Riviera is nestled in the resort area of the French Riviera, sharing its borders with France to the north, east, and west.

Living the High Life

Upscale casinos, yacht-lined harbour and glittering seas

It almost defies belief that this petite principality could have so much swagger; as the lucky ones roll the dice in the Casino, people-watchers are poised in their droves along the shimmering waterfront. Come May, the gentle clinking of glasses is supplanted with the screech of rubber, as the winding streets lend themselves to the Monaco Grand Prix.

Where Should I Visit in Monaco?

Monte Carlo Waterfront
Jardin Exotique
Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Waterfront

The Monte Carlo Waterfront, also known as Port Hercule, is a captivating sight. The harbour area offers some of the most spectacular views, serving as the backdrop for upscale hotels, eager tourists, luxurious yachts and stylish restaurants. One of the highlights is the parade of lavish superyachts that line the harbour. These ostentatiously elegant floating mansions give an indication of the opulence that Monte Carlo has to offer - and people watching is all par for the course.

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