Montenegro is a lesser-discovered marvel of Southeast Europe that is swiftly transforming into a prime travel destination. Known for its diverse landscapes, the country offers towering mountains, sparkling lakes, rapid rivers and captivating beaches, as well as a fascinating mix of historical towns.

Where is Montenegro?

Montenegro is a sovereign state situated in Southeastern Europe. It is tucked away on the Balkan Peninsula, getting its coastline from the Adriatic Sea. Bordered by several countries, Montenegro shares its boundaries with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia.

Breathtakingly Beautiful Balkan Nation

Walled towns, island hopping and exceptional vistas

Modern-day Montenegro finds itself in the place previously occupied by Croatia - namely as the up-and-coming destination of the Adriatic. Small but perfectly formed, this pocket-sized piece of prime holiday real estate delivers everything in abundance.

Where should I visit in Montenegro?



Sailing through the serene waters of the Bay of Kotor will give you Norwegian Fjord-type vibes, but with the added benefit of a Mediterranean climate. With its cobalt-blue waters and soaring cliffsides, you could forgive the town of Kotor itself for being only secondary to its surroundings - but no. This medieval maze was built in such a way as to confuse invaders in centuries past, and these days presents a sleepy yet vibrant, imposing yet unassuming town that is as captivating as it is compact. 

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