Straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a country rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. Its unique location has made it a melting pot of civilizations, incorporating influences from the ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantine Empire, and Ottomans into its diverse heritage.

Where is Turkey?

Turkey shares its western border with Greece and Bulgaria, while to the east, it borders Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. To the north, Turkey has borders with Georgia, while its southern borders are shared with Syria and Iraq. On its northern side, Turkey is bounded by the Black Sea, while to its west is the Aegean Sea and to its south is the Mediterranean Sea. Its unique geographic position bridges two continents, blending elements of both Western and Eastern traditions.

Where Europe and Asia Collide

History, culture and exceptional scenery await

Turkey triumphs in providing everything you could ever want, or indeed need, from a holiday destination. A healthy dose of history goes hand in hand with beguiling cities, sumptuous cuisine and a bounty of beaches; whether you choose to pursue the obvious or lesser-frequented jewels of this Eastern Mediterranean crown, you won’t be disappointed. 

One thing is for sure - historical Turkey is very much the paradox of bartering for touristic wares on the streets of Bodrum, or the unrestrained opulence of Istanbul. But if variety is the spice of life, then this corner of the Med is the most potent of them all.

What Can I See and Do in Turkey?

Explore the Big Cities
Try the Local Cuisine

Explore the Big Cities

Turkey's cities are a harmonious blend of ancient and modern, offering visitors a unique opportunity to explore rich history, vibrant culture, and contemporary life. The bustling city of Istanbul is a magnificent fusion of East and West, where grand mosques and bazaars exist alongside modern shopping malls and restaurants. In the south, Antalya offers an enticing mix of turquoise beaches, Roman architecture, and lively nightlife. Meanwhile, the capital, Ankara, is a showcase of Turkish history and politics, featuring impressive museums and government buildings.

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