This Middle Eastern jewel invites you to explore its splendid ancient architecture like the city of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Roman ruins of Jerash. From the tranquility of the Dead Sea to the mesmerising landscape of Wadi Rum, Jordan's stunning natural wonders are as captivating as its rich Bedouin heritage and warm, hospitable people.

Where is Jordan?

Jordan is an Arab country situated in Southwest Asia, in the rocky desert of the northern Arabian Peninsula. Officially referred to as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, it is located at a significant crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe within the Levant region. It's bordered by several countries: Syria in the north, Iraq in the east, Saudi Arabia in the south and south-east, and Israel and Palestine in the west.

The Kingdom of Jordan

Always Leaves a Lasting Impression

Despite its modest size, Jordan leaves a large impression with its outstanding hospitality, rich ancient heritage, and dynamic culture – a treasure trove of UNESCO World Heritage sites, it promises endless avenues for exploration.

Often, from a distance, it may be inaccurately associated with broader regional discord, causing cautious travellers to bypass it. However, in truth, Jordan is a serene and welcoming destination that deserves a spot on everyone's list.

Where Should I Visit in Jordan?

Wadi Rum
Dead Sea


Petra, the 'Rose City', is truly the jewel in Jordan's crown and a must-visit for travellers worldwide. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Petra is renowned for its striking architecture carved directly into vibrant red, white, and pink sandstone cliffs. As you walk through the Siq, the narrow entrance gorge, you'll be struck by the awe-inspiring beauty of Al Khazneh, otherwise known as The Treasury. Believed to date back as far as 300 BC, this ancient Nabatean city reveals a fascinating tapestry of history. Visiting Petra is akin to stepping into another world, making an unforgettable addition to any Jordanian adventure.

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