Boston effortlessly merges the historical with the contemporary. Home to esteemed institutions like Harvard and MIT, it boasts a rich past visible through the Freedom Trail and an eclectic culinary scene. Moreover, iconic landmarks like Fenway Park, fascinating museums, and spirited neighbourhoods highlight an enthralling mix of experiences, making Boston an inviting and energetic city for all to appreciate.

Where is Boston?

Boston is situated on the east coast of the United States in the state of Massachusetts. More specifically, it’s located in the north-eastern region of the country, also known as New England. It's approximately 220 miles north-east of New York City and sits on the Atlantic Ocean's Massachusetts Bay.

Explore Beantown

Academic institutions, historic landmarks, tantalising seafood

Boston is unapologetically authentic, less brazen than its east coast counterparts. This quietly confident city plants itself firmly on day one of the American history books, making for a destination that endears itself to anyone and everyone.

An absent-minded amble will lead you to the quaintest of cobbled, gas lamp-lined streets, wending their way to shacks serving the freshest of seafood. Creamy clam chowder is spooned out by the delicious bowlful, as the sound of cracking lobster tail rings through the air.

Why Should I Visit Boston?

Freshest Seafood
A Glimpse at American History
World-Class Establishments

Freshest Seafood

Boston's culinary scene is well-renowned for its diversity and the freshness of its seafood offerings. Here, you'll find everything from iconic New England clam chowder and lobster rolls to innovative dishes like seared scallops with quinoa. This beautiful blend of historic food traditions and international influences makes Boston a food lover's paradise. The city's food scene, boasting established seafood spots like Legal Sea Foods as well as a myriad of global cuisines, caters to every palate.

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