Norway lends itself perfectly to any sort of adventure, and Stavanger is knee-deep in history and the freshest of air, making it a true delight to walk around. As one of the country's oldest cities, embedded in Stavanger is a past tracing back to the early 12th century, seamlessly woven into its modern streets.

Where is Stavanger?

Stavanger is located on the south-west coast of Norway, within its region called Rogaland. Situated on the Stavanger Peninsula, it lies between two other key Norwegian cities: Bergen and Kristiansand.

Old-world charm and modern energy

A Fascinating Blend of Natural Beauty and Cultural Vibrancy

Stavanger is a city rich in heritage and natural beauty. It's a bustling, modern city - the hub of Norway's oil industry - yet retains its old-world charm. It also serves as the gateway to iconic fjords like Lysefjord and scenic wanderlust-inspiring hikes to Pulpit Rock, offering its visitors a unique combination of urban life and awe-inspiring outdoor adventures.

Where Should I Visit in Stavanger?

Lysefjord and Pulpit Rock
Gamle Stavanger


Then, head down to Fargegata as it’s known among locals, a street splashed with outlandishly colourful wharf houses, cafes, restaurants and boutiques that are fortunate to call this part of the city home. Although these rainbow-laden buildings won’t evade your attention, the same cannot be said for the various artworks dotted around the city. Find time to peep into doorways and avert your eyes up the sides of buildings, where some of the most incredible murals are never too far away.

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