Nestled in the Arctic Circle of Norway, Tromsø enthralls visitors with its stunning natural beauty and unique cultural charm. As an ideal location to witness the ethereal Northern Lights and the beautiful Midnight Sun, Tromsø offers a rare blend of exhilarating Arctic adventures, rich heritage, and lively city life.

Where is Tromsø?

Located in the far north of Norway, Tromsø is situated well above the Arctic Circle. Known as the capital of Troms og Finnmark, the northernmost county of Norway, it holds the distinction of being the largest city north of the Arctic Circle. It sits on the island of Tromsøya, which is just off the mainland in the Tromsøysundet strait.

The Gateway to the Arctic

A city that sits amidst snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear fjords, and the vast Arctic tundra

Tromsø is a prime destination for experiencing the magic of the Arctic. Snow-capped peaks, unique vistas and the promise of new adventures make this city one of Norway's most beguiling. Visitors can prepare themselves for the possibility of seeing nature's greatest light show, or simply wander around this Arctic wonderland. One thing is for sure: Tromsø is a place like no other.

What Can I See and Do in Tromsø?

Go in Search of the Northern Lights
Visit the Arctic Cathedral
Take the Fjellheisen Cable Car

Go in Search of the Northern Lights

One of the primary attractions of Tromsø is the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. The city provides an ideal location to witness this mesmerizing natural phenomenon, which is best observed between September and March due to its dark, clear nights. While in Tromsø, you can embark on guided Northern Lights tours or head to an Aurora Camp, which boasts unique accommodations designed for optimal viewing.

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