Central America

Welcome to Central America, where adventure sits side-by-side with food heaven, architectural and historic intrigue, ancient civilisation and modern metropolises, wildlife-laden rainforest canopies and a lust for life unlike anything you’ve ever encountered.

Explore Central America

Central America is a melting pot of diverse cultures and traditions. Cruise passengers can immerse themselves in the local customs, taste traditional cuisine like pupusas in El Salvador or gallo pinto in Costa Rica, and witness colourful festivals and vibrant markets that showcase the region's rich heritage. Alternatively, explore rainforests and hike volcanoes, or simply admire the beauty of the locale from the beach.

What awaits me in Central America?

Natural Beauty
Mayan Ruins
Panama Canal
Wildlife and Nature Reserves
Adventure Activities

Natural Beauty

Central America is home to stunning landscapes and biodiverse ecosystems. Explore pristine beaches, snorkel or dive in crystal-clear waters with vibrant marine life, hike through lush rainforests, and visit breath-taking volcanoes such as Arenal in Costa Rica.

Popular cruise lines for Central America cruises

Looking to sail to Central America? These cruise lines specialise in holidays that will give you the ultimate experience!


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