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Disabled Staterooms & Wheelchair Adaptive

Almost all cruise lines offer disabled cabins featuring adapted facilities including larger entrance ways, a wet room rather than standard bathroom, support rails and handles around the room, a shower seat and red emergency pull cords. These cabins are exceptionally popular and are often booked up very early; the majority of disabled cabins are requested as soon as new programmes are launched, with pre-registrations made in order to secure the cabin as soon as cruises go on sale.

Once a disabled cabin has been booked, the cruise operator will send a medical form to the passenger, requesting information on their condition and requirement for disabled facilities. It will also ask for confirmation on whether the passenger will be bringing a wheelchair on board, requesting measurements of the chair to make sure that the cabin is suitable. This form must be completed and returned to the cruise line no later than 14 days prior to departure. Most cruise lines also provide passengers with a medical enquiries contact number, which can be called with any queries prior to departure. Bolsover Cruise Club is also able to answer any questions ahead of your holiday.

Cruise lines offer additional assistance to disabled passengers at the time of embarkation, disembarkation and in the event of an emergency. Disability teams collate information on all disabled passengers travelling on the ship, ensuring that all passengers have everything they need before the ship sails. Most cruise lines provide wheelchair assistance at check-in for passengers with mobility concerns. Other assistance may include priority boarding to avoid long periods of standing. All passengers wishing to take advantage of this service should confirm that it is offered at their departure port and will be required to complete a medical form requesting assistance prior to departure.

A Passenger Assistance Party is present on all cruise lines and is responsible for providing assistance to the disabled in the event of an emergency. Special evacuation chairs are provided on all ships to enable the transportation of guests down stairs if required and the Passenger Assistance Party will also assist in ensuring all guests are able attend their muster station in the unlikely event of an emergency.

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