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Scenic revolutionised the world of ultra-luxury cruising with the introduction of their first world-class Discovery Yacht. Designed to offer unparalleled exploration, their groundbreaking vessels provides guests with extraordinary and exclusive cruising experiences across the globe.

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Where luxury meets discovery

The world’s most luxurious discovery yacht deserves a service philosophy to match. Travel aboard Scenic Eclipse and you’ll find all flights, transfers and tips included in your fare, plus a pre-departure hotel stay as standard, so you’ll arrive rested and relaxed. All-inclusive shore excursions, an in-suite mini-bar and all on board dining and complimentary premium branded beverages are also included in the price you pay to holiday aboard the most exclusive address at sea.

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Scenic Eclipse in the Antarctic Pensisula

The World’s First Discovery Yachts

At Scenic, innovation is core to the design of their Discovery Yachts, combining the elegance of a yacht with the technological advantages of an expedition ship. With a Polar Class 6 rating, a reinforced hull, and custom stabilizers, the vessel can effortlessly navigate through polar regions. Advanced GPS technology allows the yacht to maintain location without dropping anchors onto fragile seabeds. A plethora of technological advancements allow the Scenic Eclipse to travel further than any other vessel of its size, boasting two on-board helicopters and a custom-built submarine.

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World-Class Dining
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World-Class Dining

Indulge in an unparalleled dining experience on board Scenic Eclipse, where the options are limitless. From exquisite fine dining and bespoke cocktails to delectable buffets and even a cooking school, enjoy a truly all-inclusive culinary journey as you savour the masterfully crafted creations of their culinary team across up to 10 dining venues. Whether it's contemporary French cuisine at the elegant Lumière restaurant and Champagne bar or a succulent fillet of steak at the sophisticated Elements main restaurant, every meal on board promises to be a feast for the senses.

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