Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is renowned for its deep cultural roots, varied wildlife, and stunning natural vistas. The country showcases a combination of verdant rainforests, majestic highlands, lively tribal customs, and colourful festivals, making it a remarkable locale steeped in ancient traditions and unspoilt natural beauty.

Where is Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, in the region known as Oceania. It occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, the world's second-largest island, and is situated to the north of Australia. The country shares a land border with Indonesia on the west side. It's also surrounded by several other islands and archipelagos, including the Solomon Islands to the east and the Bismarck and Coral Sea to the south.

A Million Possibilities

One of the World's Last Great Frontiers

This varied and fascinating country offers unforgettable adventures, be it trekking through lush rainforests, diving amid pristine coral reefs, or scaling magnificent mountain ranges. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of ancient tribal customs and engage with the friendly locals. Papua New Guinea delivers a unique and authentic travel experience that's unmatched, inviting visitors to venture off the well-trodden track and be swept away by its extraordinary allure.

Why Should I Visit Papua New Guinea?

Rich Culture
Wildlife and Marine Life
Incredible Beaches

Rich Culture

From more than 800 unique languages spoken to the colourful and ritually significant festivals like the Sing Sing, the cultural richness encountered here is rivaled by few other places on Earth. As a visitor, you get the privilege of immersing yourself in this abundance of culture, peeking into a world that effortlessly bridges the gap between history and modernity. Papua New Guinea is not just a journey to a destination, but rather a journey back in time into the heart of rich human traditions and vibrant cultural heritage.

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