Pacific Islands

Discover groups of tiny, hidden islands set far away from the mainland, offering a distinctly different experience to anywhere else in the world.

Whether you are walking barefoot on the untouched, deserted sands, feeling the flow of the grains between your toes, or foraging through the lush rainforests, abundant with fascinating and vibrant wildlife, these subtropical islands present an enchanted, almost mystical atmosphere that appeals to anyone with a love of travel and expedition.

Explore the Pacific Islands

Take a step back from the big cities, and cruise to a part of the world that gives you a sense of freedom and exploration. As you glide through deep blue seas up to beautiful emerald isles boasting picture perfect crystal lagoons, you are sure to experience the many miracles these islands have to offer. Enjoy the natural beauty found in the high peaks, head for the dramatic and historical harbours, and relax under warm and sunny azure skies. The islands of the South Pacific offer a destination that is full of adventure, opulence, and opportunity.

What awaits me in the Pacific Islands?

Postcard-Worthy Islands
Cultural Immersion
Unparalleled Relaxation
Unforgettable Wildlife Encounters
Adventures for Every Explorer

Postcard-Worthy Islands

The region is home to some of the world's most iconic islands. From the stunning overwater bungalows of Bora Bora to the untouched beauty of the Cook Islands and the remote allure of Vanuatu, each island offers its unique charm. Dive into shimmering lagoons, explore vibrant marine ecosystems, and discover the cultural heritage of the Polynesian people as you hop from one picture-perfect island to another.

Popular cruise lines for Pacific Islands cruises

Looking to sail to the Pacific Islands? These cruise lines specialise in holidays that will give you the ultimate experience!


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