Top 10 Caribbean Locations To Take A Selfie

A Caribbean holiday will always be on top of most people’s destination wish list. It’s not surprising that every year hundreds of thousands of people visit the group of islands that are so well known for their turquoise waters, soft white sands, relaxed atmosphere and unrelenting sunshine.

We recently conducted a poll to find out where your favourite photo spots are. We were inundated with gorgeous photos from Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and more. Here are our top ten choices of the best places to take a photo in the Caribbean.

Dunn’s River Falls – Jamaica

In Jamaica, you are never far from a photo opportunity, but one of the most fantastic sites of the island has to be Dunn’s River Falls, located in Ocho Rios. This location is certainly one of Jamaica’s national treasures.

The falls are located in Ocho Rios – an area which means ‘eight rivers’. However, there are in actual fact only four rivers in the area including Turtle River, Cave River, Roaring River and Dunn’s River. Dunn’s Fall itself is more than 600 feet (183 metres) wide and is a beautiful sight to behold.

The falls are popular amongst tourists so it is best to go early in the morning if you’re looking to experience a slice of peace and tranquillity – and a fantastic photo!


The Bob Marley Museum – Jamaica

Jamaica has made it onto our list once again, and this time it’s all about the island’s most famous resident, Bob Marley. The Bob Marley Museum is a must see if you are visiting the island. It can be found at the site of the legendary reggae musician’s home in Kingston, which was turned into a museum six years after his death in 1987.

The museum is filled with photo opportunities, from the café, photography gallery, large theatre and a gift shop to the outside area where you can snap selfies to your heart’s content in the stunning location.


4×4 Safari – Dominican Republic

If you want to see the real side of the Dominican Republic, a 4×4 safari off the beaten track is a good place to start. These kinds of tours run in several areas of the country; Punta Cana, home to fantastic mountain scenery is a great place to experience the real ‘outback’.

Various tours offer different activities, ranging from boogie boarding to cocoa plantation visits (with chocolate tasting included!), alligator treks on the river, to climbing a mountain in an open top truck and more.

This is certainly a trip where you will find selfie opportunities aplenty. Just make sure you have enough memory on your camera!


The Cliff Restaurant – Barbados

The Cliff Restaurant’s location is sort of self-explanatory, but nothing can prepare you for the pure beauty of its position before you see it for yourself. Home to hundreds of weddings and parties per year, it is not surprising that this restaurant is the place thousands of people choose for their special celebrations. It is also probably the most celebrity-frequented restaurant on the island!

Overlooking the stunning turquoise sea of the Caribbean, The Cliff offers stunning views. And the Caribbean cuisine is only just second to the scenery! At approximately £100 per head, this is not the cheapest restaurant in western Barbados, but the atmosphere, food, drink and stunning views make it certainly worth the trip.

You can find The Cliff in Derricks, St. James.


Maho Bay Beach – St. Maarten

This is possibly one of the best-known photo spots of the world, and for good reason! Popular with tourists on the island, holidaymakers flock here to catch a glimpse of the low flying planes which land just a few metres away from the sand at Princess Juliana International Airport.

Aircraft landing here must touch down as close as possible to the end of the runway due to its short length (2,300 metres or 7,500ft). Be careful though – there are signs up all over the beach warning people about the very real risk of ‘jet blast’ from aircraft taking off.

It is certainly a break away from the usual relaxing beaches of the Caribbean! So for those looking for a beach with a little more adventure be sure to take your camera along to St. Maarten on the southwestern side of the island.


Pitons – St. Lucia

If you really want to boast about your next holiday, a trip to and photo of the St. Lucia Pitons would be an impressive addition to your photo album.

The Pitons, known as Gros Piton and Petit Piton are adjacent mountainous volcanic plugs, located in Saint Lucia on the southwestern coast of the island near Soufrière and Choiseul. At 771 metres (2,530ft) and 743 metres (2,438) high respectively, and linked by the Piton Mitan ridge, these peaks are known as one of the most stunning locations of the small island.

With the Jalousie Bay providing an equally gorgeous picture setting, we can’t imagine anything more stunning! And if you really want to make people back home as jealous as you can, you can climb to the top of the Gros Piton in around two hours for an even more spectacular photo opportunity.

Regular tours are run by local companies and although the climb is considered to be more of a hike than a climb, you must have a guide to accompany you.


Stingray City – Grand Cayman

The name says it all! Stingray City in the North Sound of Grand Cayman is most likely exactly what you think it is. Located on a series of shallow sandbars in a natural channel, Stingray City is an area of the ocean abundant with Southern Stingrays.

Stingray City first began decades ago when fisherman used to clean their fish in the shallow, calm waters of the area. Soon, Stingrays began to associate the noise of boats with food, and eventually divers realised the rays could be fed by hand. Tourists now flock to the beautiful stretch of sea between Morgan Harbour to Rum Point to enter the 3ft deep water and feed the animals.

The shallow, clear waters and fevers of Stingrays make for an interesting twist on the beach selfie. For an extra twist take an underwater camera to really capture the action. Why not try it for yourself on your next trip to the Cayman Islands?


Kensington Oval – Barbados

Calling all cricket fans! Whilst you’re in Barbados, why not visit the islands biggest sporting facility in Bridgetown to commemorate your trip? Locally referred to as the ‘Mecca’ of cricket, the Oval is a historical part of Barbadian culture.

The Kensington Oval is also known for its unique architecture and was awarded a Structural Award by the Institution of Structural Engineers in 2008.

The stadium has also played host to various different events over the years, including football matches of the Barbados national team, Miss Barbados pageants and concert events including Rihanna’s first performance in her home country in 2011.

Guided tours are available, but it is worth checking availability before you go as tours do not run during matches.


Pink Beach – Barbuda

If you’re looking for relaxation, the Caribbean certainly isn’t short of beautiful beaches. One of our favourites has to be Barbuda’s famous Pink Beach, named after its uniquely coloured soft pink sand which is coloured thanks to the crushed coral of the area.

Pink beach is a must-see for any beach bum. These gorgeous sands offer a breathtaking tranquillity that is unbeatable. At nearly eight miles long, stretching from Spanish Point to Palmetto Point, the champagne coloured sands offer privacy and relaxation, alongside some the best snorkelling opportunities of the island.


St. Kitts Scenic Railway Tour – St. Kitts

One of the best ways to experience the scenery of St. Kitts is on this historical tour aboard one of the only remaining railway lines in the Caribbean. Built over a century ago to transport sugar products across the island, this railway is really a part of Caribbean history.

In comfort aboard the double-decker trains, you can view the stunning landscape of the island whilst also experiencing a part of its history. This narrow railway tour takes you on a 30 mile trip around the island, including crossing 24 bridges over spectacular ravines!


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