What Souvenirs Do Us Brits Spend Our Money On?

It’s safe to say that us Brits like to escape the typically unpredictable weather we have here in the UK, with over 72.8 million of us visiting somewhere overseas in 2017. And while we’re elsewhere in the world either chasing the sun, some good waves or even the snow, we’re also notorious for picking up little knick-knacks and mementos to remember our trips by. But, why do we do it?

Holiday souvenirs

Out of the £44.8 billion spent abroad in 2017 by UK residents, part of this was spent on souvenirs. This could be to say thank you to a family member or close friend who has kindly watered your plants or looked after your precious pet while you were away, or just simply to show someone you were thinking of them.

At Bolsover Cruise Club, we decided to dig deeper to find out not only why we continue to buy these gifts, but also who for and most importantly, what we choose.

Who do we buy holiday souvenirs for the most?

Top 5 people we bring souvenirs back for

When you’re planning your next trip abroad, do you budget for holiday souvenirs too? It seems as though we’re pretty selfish when choosing who to get something for, with over 52% of us buying just for ourselves! Unsurprisingly, the second most popular group of people to buy for is our kids, with around 30% of us choosing to pick something up for them.

In a shock twist, 30% of men would bring something back for their other half, compared to a measly 23% of women! We’re sure that’s going to cause some heated discussions at home.

It turns out that those living in Belfast are the most selfless with around 40% of people surveyed saying they would rather treat their other half to a holiday souvenir than buy one for themselves. The biggest penny-pinchers in the UK are those from Leeds, with over 23% of residents saying they don’t bring gifts back for anyone.

What holiday souvenirs do we bring back?

Top 10 holiday souvenirs

Overall, we are a generous nation with most of us wanting to treat our friends and family, but what do we actually bring back for them? Among the top ten gifts to purchase while away were the classic chocolate and sweets (47%), fridge magnets (41%) and local food and drinks (25%).

It seems as though the women of the UK like to keep a close eye on what they spend on others when they’re on holiday, with 21% of them choosing to bring back free items such as sea shells, rocks and bits of volcano.

Are any of your friends and family who live in Glasgow or Bristol heading off on holiday soon? Well you’re in luck! 11% of Glaswegians would treat you to a staple, holiday rubber duck, while 11% of Bristol residents would choose to buy you a holiday gnome as a token from their travels.

Should you really be taking that?

What souvenirs people bring back

Staying in a hotel on your next adventure abroad? Ever thought about pinching things from the room, hoping they won’t be missed? Us Brits deem it morally okay to take certain items from our hotel rooms, with 25-34-year olds the most likely to bring home things such as towels (25%) and also the batteries from remote controls!

Among the top ten items people think they should be able to take from hotel rooms are travel sized toiletries (48%) and biscuits (40%). Those hotel biscuits do taste pretty darn good though!

Shockingly, a number of Nottingham residents admitted that they would be willing to take  the lightbulbs from their hotel room, and it seems nothing is off-limits to over ten percent of Bristol residents, who say they would take items including the bible from the bedside drawer and even art from the walls if they took a liking to it.

Items people think they should be able to take from hotels

What’s the best, worst or most ridiculous holiday souvenir you’ve ever been gifted?

With a wide array of souvenirs being purchased by us Brits on holiday, it’s unsurprising that most of us have received both gifts we love and gifts that happily sit at the back of the cupboard!

Do you tend to get gifted things you are happy with, or things you can’t bear the sight of?

We want to know!

Submit photos of the best, worst and most unusual holiday souvenirs that you have ever bought yourself or been gifted over on our Twitter channel. Simply enter by using the hashtag #BolsoverSouvenir and tagging in @BolsoverCruise for your chance to win a £100 high street voucher! T&C’s apply, please see below*


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