Booking Follow-up

Thank you for booking with us! Please take some time to fill out the following information that will allow us to give you the best possible cruise holiday experience. Please note this form is for online bookings only. If you booked via our call centre and have any queries, please get in touch and we’ll be sure to assist you.

Please aware that we will make every effort to fulfil your request, but this is subject to availability and can’t be guaranteed.

Booking Follow-Up
Please confirm this is your correct and up-to-date address.
Do the persons travelling with you live at this same address? (If applicable)

Secondary Passenger Addresses

Please add the names and addresses of each passenger if they’re not on the same address as the main booker.
Have you booked with this cruise line before?
A past passenger number is a loyalty number that is unique to yourself and the cruise line you have booked with previously.
Have you booked multiple cabins?
Do these bookings include flights?
Do you want all passengers to be on the same flight?
Do you have any allergies or special food requirements?
Do you, or anyone travelling with you, have any mobility or accessibility needs?
This can be anything from the need for a wheelchair to requiring a walking stick or frame to get around.
Do you, or anyone travelling with you, have any non-visible disabilities or medical conditions?
These can include, but are not limited to, mental health conditions (e.g. depression), visual impairments, hearing loss, dementia, chronic pain, etc.
Do you require airside assistance?
Airside assistance can provide you with assistance from check-in to gate, aircraft steps and use of the ambilift.
Would you like to be included on the auto-upgrade list?
You have the option to be added to an automatic upgrade list with your cruise operator. If you choose to be added to this list you may receive a cabin upgrade at the discretion of the operator. Please be advised that if you choose to be added to the automatic upgrade list your cabin can be changed at any time without notification, and we cannot decline or amend any changes your operator makes.
Would you like to recieve the latest cruise news and offers?
How would you like to receive these offers?
We’d love to keep you up-to-date on all the latest cruise news and offers. If you do NOT wish to recieve these communications by any of these methods, then please indicate your preferences above.