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Swimming Pools for Children

When it comes to attracting families and keeping the kids on board happy in the sun, nothing beats the splash-happy water parks found on board family ships. Whilst children are permitted to use the ship’s main pools, they can get rather busy during peak times, and these big, bright, colourful fun zones are much more exciting for tiny travellers!

You’ll find splash zones on board many family ships. Younger guests aboard Royal Caribbean’s ships can go wild in the H2O Zone for example, where water guns, jets and shallow splash pools provide endless hours of entertainment. Look out for familiar faces too, with characters including the Penguins of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda making a larger-than-life appearance in the midst of the splash-pool fun.

Teens, tweens and adults alike are guaranteed a soaking in the water parks found on board many family cruise ships. The show-stopping Ultimate Abyss on board Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas, is perhaps the most fear-inducing slide at sea, spiralling an impressive 10-storeys down through the ship. Water parks are a popular feature on board ships in the fleets of MSC Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines too.

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