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Booking Shore Excursions

Each port of call on your itinerary offers something new to see, from wonders of the ancient world to thrilling cities and the world’s best beaches. How you choose to explore is entirely up to you; many opt for organised shore excursions, whilst others prefer to head out with a map and explore independently.

At Bolsover Cruise Club, we always advise that you book your shore excursions as early as possible, particularly if there is something you really want to do in port. Certain excursions are extremely popular, so it is important to book ahead to avoid disappointment.

When it comes to booking shore excursions, there are several options available:

Cruise Personaliser

You may book shore excursions prior to departure via the Cruise Personaliser on your cruise operator’s website. All you will need in order to log in is the lead passenger’s name, booking reference and date of birth. Once logged in, you will be able to access all cruise excursions offered by the cruise line for your particular itinerary.

You will be required to pay for shore excursions booked through Cruise Personaliser at the time of booking and your tickets will be waiting for you in your cabin upon arrival. Our dedicated administration team are able to provide assistance with booking shore excursions via the Cruise Personaliser, so feel free to give us a call on 01246 819819 or visit the Cruise Centre for a helping hand.

On Board

Whether you forgot to book that all important shore excursion or changed your mind last minute, you do have the option to make shore excursion bookings at the Shore Excursion Desk once on board. Most cruise ships have a minimum of two shore excursion specialists available on board, who will be able to give you further information on pricing and what they recommend in each port of call. Once you’ve decided on your chosen excursion and made your booking, the cost will be added to your on board account and you will be issued with your tickets accordingly.

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