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Many cruise lines now offer multiple meetings and receptions on board, including singles meetings, masonic meetings, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and more. Any meetings due to take place will always be advertised in the ship’s daily newspaper, with information on meeting type, venue and time.

More people than ever are cruising solo and single passenger meetings have become more and more popular, particularly following the introduction of single staterooms by operators including P&O CruisesCunardFred Olsen and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Singles meetings are designed to welcome all solo travellers on board and introduce them to other passengers travelling alone. They are a great way of getting information on facilities, entertainment and service that may be of interest during your time on board, but mostly serve as an opportunity to get to know other solo guests.

Masonic meetings are not available on all cruise lines and anyone wishing to hold or attend a masonic meeting should speak to their cruise line or sales consultant to confirm facilities are available. P&O Cruises are among the cruise lines offering masonic meetings, which are usually held on formal nights and take place between 5.30pm and 6.30pm. Senior Officers and the ship’s photographers may also attend. Masonic meetings usually involve a speech from the Masons to the ship and the ship’s company, followed by a reply from the Captain or Senior Officer involved.

Certain cruise lines offer Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on board, though they may also be referred to with an alias, such as ‘Friends of Bill W. and/or Lois R’. Meetings are not available on all ships so it is important to speak to your sales consultant to confirm at time of booking. If you are already on board, details of any available meetings can be sought from guest relations or reception.

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