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Most modern cruise ships have shops on board, though the number of shops and the items they sell varies between cruise lines. Perfume, jewellery, cosmetics and clothing are often found on board, with brands including Bulgari, Kiehl’s, Michael Kors and more often represented. Duty free prices and special ‘one day sales’ make shopping on board very attractive, with jewellery, sunglasses, handbags and watches offered at significantly reduced prices.

Clothing shops are commonly found on board, with everything from casual wear to black tie. Some ships also offer formal wear hire. Often cruise lines will offer branded merchandise such as polos, shirts and jackets, with cruise lines such as Norwegian Cruise LineCelebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International also offering designer clothing from high-end brands.

Most ships also feature convenience shops selling items such as shampoo, over the counter medications, sun tan lotion, after sun, chocolate, sweets and other everyday items.

Photographs may also be purchased on board, at the ship’s photo centre or via screens located near to the photo centre. Some ships also provide the facility for guests to view and buy their photographs on the interactive TV in their stateroom. Photos may be purchased either individually or as a package, with some cruise lines offering private photo shoots for couples, individuals and families.

Art galleries are commonly found on cruise ships, with some of the art available for purchase. Guests will be notified of available art works in the daily newspaper or at the gallery itself, with gallery coordinators taking care of shipping purchased items to passengers once home.

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