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Swimming Pools

Cruise ship swimming pools

No holiday is complete without hours spent in the swimming pool and the pool area is the most popular place on board when the weather starts to heat up. All cruise ships (with the exception of some expedition vessels) feature at least one swimming pool, with most featuring numerous pool areas on board. All pools are free to use, with the exception of those within chargeable deck retreats and spas.

Family cruise lines have something to suit everyone, with a combination of fun family pools and peaceful adult-only areas. You’ll often find a splash pool for little kids too, along with whirlpools around the ship. Other pool types include therapeutic hydro pools in the spa, infinity pools, and current pools, which can be found on numerous ships and allow swimmers to exercise by swimming against the current. Disabled pool access is available on almost all ships.

All pools are carefully regulated to ensure an optimum comfortable temperature of around 24 degrees. Chemicals used in the pools vary between cruise lines, though Sodium Hydrochloride (chlorine) of between 12-15% is most commonly used and acts as the disinfecting halogen. pH control is affected by Hydrochloric Acid.

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