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Currency Exchange

Here at Bolsover Cruise Club, we always advise checking the currency of your destination prior to boarding and suggest purchasing currency in advance of your holiday.

Guests who would like to purchase currency on board will have the amount charged to their on board account, with all transactions converted at the daily exchange rate. The daily exchange rate will be advised by the Reception Desk before any transaction is made, with the rate offered on board your ship varying between cruise lines and as the rate fluctuates. Most cruise lines offer a competitive exchange rate, details of which will often be highlighted in the daily newspaper found on board. Your ship will often stock a wide range of currencies however, in the event that they do not have the local currency of a particular port, they will be able to offer advice on the best alternative currency to take ashore. Guests wishing to exchange large amounts of currency should be aware that many cruise lines will limit the amount that can be exchanged each day. Please speak to your Cruise Expert if you would like additional information on the limits applicable to your cruise operator.

All cruise lines will only buy back currency that has been purchased on board and will only do so in the denominations in which it was sold.

Travellers cheques are no longer accepted by cruise lines.

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