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Wi-Fi & Internet Services

Almost all modern cruise ships offer internet access, with most providing Wi-Fi. Some older ships may lack Wi-Fi, providing internet access through computer stations instead.

Internet can be accessed on your own devices such as tablets and mobiles, thanks to a Wi-Fi signal provided to the ship via satellite. In the majority of cases, you will be required to pay for Wi-Fi whilst on board.

Wi-Fi hotspots will be clearly signposted around the ship, although connection is usually available throughout most areas. Although huge developments have been made in terms of Wi-Fi on board, the signal may be a little slow; you are in the middle of the ocean after all. Bandwidth issues may affect the ability to use certain features such as Skype, VPN or online gaming. 

Internet connection charges can be expensive, so it is worth considering an internet package if you plan on going online regularly. Most cruise lines offer a variety of internet packages, from pay as you go to packages designed for heavy usage, and packages can be bought before sailing or once on board.

Passengers opting to purchase internet packages prior to sailing can usually do so using their cruise line’s cruise personaliser tool. Alternatively, you may contact either your cruise operator or Bolsover Cruise Club who will be able to make the necessary arrangements for you. Gift packages for internet use can always be purchased prior to the cruise for friends and family to use once on board.

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