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Booking Process

Here at Bolsover Cruise Club, we like to think that booking your holiday is just as exciting as the holiday itself. Our booking process varies slightly depending on whether you have booked with us in the past or are a new customer, but we’ll guide you through every step of the way.

If booking with us for the first time, we will need to gather some information regarding yourself and others travelling with you. Details include full names (as per passport), date of birth, full address details, passport numbers, contact details and other relevant information. If you have booked with Bolsover Cruise Club previously, we will also have this information stored on our system, along with your full holiday history.

Clients often call us with a specific itinerary or simply a time and destination in mind, along with a rough budget of what they are looking to spend. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where in the world you would like to visit; our Cruise Experts can help narrow things down to help find the ideal cruise for you.

Once you have found your perfect cruise, your consultant will call you back to confirm prices and availability, going through the finer details of the cruise before confirming your personal information and making the booking. At this point, past passengers will also be notified of any past passenger or loyalty discounts to which they are entitled. Cabin numbers and dining preferences will be established, before your consultant confirms the booking with the operator either online, over the phone or via our API system.

Once your booking is confirmed, your sales consultant will run through all necessary information relating to your chosen sailing and a deposit or full payment will then be taken, depending on the date booked and any applicable offers in place. Finally, your booking will be passed to our administration department for processing, with a pre-holiday cruise information pack sent to guests within a short time of the booking being confirmed.

When you book in person at our Cruise Bureau we will provide cruise confirmation paperwork at the time of booking rather than via post. Your pre-cruise information pack will be sent at a slightly later date once you booking has been processed by the administration team.

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