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Cruise & Stay

More people than ever are opting to Cruise & Stay holiday, extending their cruise holiday with a pre or post-cruise hotel stay or land tour.

Cruise & Stay is a fantastic way to see more of a cruise holiday destination, making for an even more memorable holiday. Perhaps you fancy spending a few days in the Big Apple, before departing New York on a cruise to the Bahamas or Bermuda with NCL? Revel in the romance of Venice before cruising the Mediterranean with Celebrity Cruises or soak up the atmosphere in stunning Singapore, before joining your ship for a voyage to Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam with Princess Cruises. There are endless options for extending your holiday.

Cruise & Stay packages are excellent value for money, usually costing far less than you would pay to tour several destinations independently. You’ll spend time in some of the world’s most amazing cities – Miami, New York, Barcelona, Sydney or Hong Kong, to name but a few – followed by time on your cruise ship of choice, waking up to a new destination almost every day. Your Cruise & Stay package with Bolsover Cruise Club will feature stays in hotels that have been handpicked by our knowledgeable cruise and stay specialists; all you have to plan is what you want to see once you arrive. Many Cruise & Stay packages even incorporate free passes to leading attractions, such as Universal Studios, Disneyland and Graceland, plus journeys on some of the most iconic railroads in the world.

Some cruise packages even see you stay in several cities, with both pre and post-cruise stays included in your holiday. After all, if you’re heading all the way to Australia and New Zealand, it only makes sense to spend a few days exploring Sydney and Auckland before and after you cruise the region’s gorgeous coastline and islands!

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