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World Cruises

World cruises are ideal for passengers looking to explore the world from relaxed and luxurious surroundings. Amazing world cruise itineraries often last as long as 100 nights, with some extending even longer, taking in destination hot spots in Australasia, the USA, South America, the Far East, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Canada.

P&O Cruises and Cunard are two of the leading lines for world cruises, with at least two ships in each fleet usually utilised specifically for world itineraries. Luxury cruise lines such as Silversea also offer amazing world cruise itineraries, with their smaller ships allowing them to access some of the world’s more intimate destinations. A world cruise may look expensive on first glance but can actually be exceptionally good value for money in terms of cost per person/per day. World cruise fares also attract excellent benefits, such as very large amounts of free on board credit.

Unlimited luggage allowances are the norm for most world cruises due to their long duration, particularly those departing from Southampton. Passengers may arrange a delivery or drop off service as soon as the ship arrives in Southampton, allowing for their luggage to be loaded onto the ship prior to them boarding. Arrangements may also be made for luggage to be collected mid-way through a world cruise, when a certain sector of the overall voyage has been completed for example.

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