Virgin Voyages

Embark on an exciting journey to over 100 breathtaking destinations, accompanied by curated menus designed by world-renowned Michelin star chefs across our 20+ eateries. Unwind and indulge in one of the Virgin 's-red balcony hammocks, exclusive to their luxuriously designed, adults-only cruise ships. Discover why everyone is hopping on board for a unique and unforgettable experience at sea.

All Inclusive Eateries
Tipping is taken care of
Free Wi-Fi for all
Special Drink Offers

Why Virgin Voyages?

Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement on Virgin's relaxed and flexible voyages, where authenticity is paramount. Set sail on one of their four breathtaking and innovative ships, redefining the way you explore the world. Their exclusively adult atmosphere allows you to disconnect from your everyday routine and reconnect with yourself.

Indulge in a culinary journey like no other, with unique restaurants featuring curated menus by Michelin-star chefs. Enjoy the luxury inclusions that they provide, taking care of all the details for you. Virgin Voyages are transforming the landscape of sea travel, offering a new and unparalleled experience.

Virgin Voyages

What's Included

Virgin Voyages' comes with amazing perks to provide you with VIP treatment. You can expect crystal-clear details, just like the Caribbean water, when you sail with Virgin. They take care of all the necessary details, leaving you with nothing but the opportunity to sit back and enjoy a much-deserved relaxing holiday. From the moment you step aboard, they disclose everything that's included. There's no fine print or surprise receipts, just exactly what you had expected.

Cruise the Virgin Way

No tipping required
Free Wi-Fi
Unlimited workouts
Essential drinks on Virgin


Virgin's definition of "included" is comprehensive. From popular comfort foods to experimental cuisine, and from exquisite brunches to Korean BBQ, all of their speciality restaurants are available to you at no additional cost. There are no hidden taxes, pesky disclaimers, crowded buffets, or designated meal times. In addition, all of their food is sustainably sourced, freshly prepared, and always delicious. So, feel free to take a picture (you know you want to) because Virgin Voyages be paying for everything.

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