Valiant Lady

Joining Scarlet Lady in revolutionizing the world of cruising, Valiant Lady is the second of Virgin Voyage's cutting-edge fleet. With Barcelona as its homeport and itineraries that explore the sun-soaked Mediterranean, including a overnight stay on the iconic island of Ibiza, this adult-only ship is designed to captivate younger generations and redefine the concept of a holiday. Prepare to be amazed by the state-of-the-art, technology-equipped cabins, a plethora of dining options that exceed your wildest imagination, and onboard facilities that include a mind-blowing tattoo parlour. Your experience aboard this exceptional ship will be etched in your memory forever.

The Stunning Valiant Lady

Valiant Lady, the second lady ship, draws its name from the Latin term "valere," symbolizing strength. This impressive vessel proudly calls Barcelona its homeport, embarking on summer voyages across the enchanting Mediterranean and winter escapades through the captivating Caribbean. At the core of the Virgin Voyages "Vitamin Sea" philosophy lies a deep commitment to well-being, offering all sailors the opportunity for rejuvenation and personal transformation. Wholeheartedly embracing the concept of self-care while kindling your adventurous spirit, recognizing that a truly gratifying experience thrives on a harmonious blend of both.

Cabins & Accomodation

Experience the modern and innovative design paired with state-of-the-art technology as you enter the cabins and suites of Valiant Lady. These meticulously crafted spaces exude a contemporary, yacht-inspired ambiance, creating a seamless and stylish retreat that embodies the Virgin approach to cruising. Immerse yourself in a signature moment of tranquility and indulgence, tailored specifically for today's sophisticated travelers.

Valiant Lady Solo Insider Cabin Accomodation

Solo Insider

Approx.175 sq. ft.

Ideal for solo adventurers who embrace late nights and unhurried mornings, the Solo Insider cabins on Valiant Lady offer a cozy and serene escape. With all the essential amenities of a standard cabin and no windows, these accommodations create a peaceful sanctuary designed exclusively for one passenger. Immerse yourself in a restful and delightful voyage aboard Valiant Lady's Solo Insider cabins, meticulously crafted with the contemporary solo traveler in mind.

Grades: I1

Valiant Lady Insider Cabin Accomodation

The Insider

Approx. 180 sq. ft.

Designed for those desiring uninterrupted tranquility and a serene morning atmosphere, Valiant Lady's Insider cabins are an excellent choice. These intimate and inviting accommodations, featuring no windows, offer all the necessary amenities without the disturbance of harsh sunlight. With the ability to accommodate up to three guests, these cozy cabins provide a peaceful and comfortable space for a rejuvenating night's rest.

Grade: IN

Valiant Lady Social Insider Cabin Accomodation Stateroom

Social Insider

Approx. 170 sq. ft.

Tailored for group travelers seeking an extraordinary onboard experience, Valiant Lady's Social Insider cabins provide a distinct and unparalleled stay. The cleverly designed space includes bunk beds that seamlessly transition from sleeping to seating arrangements. Enjoy the indulgent rainshower, ambient mood lighting, and cutting-edge cabin amenities. Stay entertained with the expansive 50" 4K TV and take advantage of the unique game console for added amusement. With a capacity to accommodate up to four guests, the Social Insider cabins redefine the essence of companionship at sea for group travelers.

Grade: I4

Valiant Lady Sea View Cabin Accomodation

The Sea View

Approx. 190 - 220 sq. ft.

Experience awe-inspiring ocean vistas from Valiant Lady's Sea View cabins, offering a remarkable fusion of stunning scenery and essential amenities for an utterly delightful stay. Unwind in the cozy comfort of your own window seat and bask in the magnificence of the sea. Each cabin features a sumptuous seabed, an ample rainshower, ambient mood lighting, and a 43" 4K TV. Capable of accommodating up to three guests, these cabins offer an idyllic haven to revel in the allure of the ocean while indulging in contemporary comforts and conveniences.

Grades: V1, VW

Valiant Lady Sea Terrace Cabin Accomodation

The Sea Terrace

Approx. 185 - 225 sq. ft.

Immerse yourself in breathtaking ocean views from the Sea Terrace cabins on Valiant Lady, where you can admire the scenery from the luxurious European queen bed or unwind on the sustainably sourced, hand-woven terrace hammock. These exceptional cabins showcase impeccable brass and leather accents that evoke a maritime charm. The meticulously designed cabin features a personal tablet for easy management of mood lighting, music, and room service. Rejuvenate in the upgraded bathroom, equipped with a spacious rainshower, for a truly revitalizing experience.

Grades: TC, TX, TR, TL

Valiant Lady Sweet Aft Suite Cabin Stateroom Accomodation

Sweet Aft Suite

Approx. 235 sq. ft.

Embark on a stunning escapade of unrivaled ocean vistas in the grand Sweet Aft suite aboard Valiant Lady. Nestled at the highest point, this expansive terrace provides a matchless and unhindered view of the ship's wake. Unwind in the cozy comfort of a hand-woven hammock chair or gather around the elegant Champagne table for moments of sublime relaxation. The suite features an indulgent Peek-a-Boo shower, enabling you to savor the warm embrace of natural sunlight. This suite comes complete with a fully stocked in-room bar and a record player, making it the perfect venue for a celebration.

Grades: SAB, SAE, SAP

Valiant Lady Cheeky Corner Suite

Cheeky Corner Suite

Approx. 300 - 500 sq. ft.

Relax in the luxurious Cheeky Corner suites on Valiant Lady, strategically positioned at the ship's corner to provide an unobstructed panoramic outlook of the ocean. Carefully designed to highlight the awe-inspiring ocean views, these suites boast custom carbon fiber chairs on the terrace for unparalleled indulgence. Lounge near the outdoor Champagne table or in the hand-woven hammock chair while enjoying the breathtaking wake view. Enjoy the presence of a vinyl record player and a personalized, fully stocked in-room bar. Indulge in the top-of-the-line marble bathroom, which includes a generous rainshower for a truly lavish experience.

Grades: SCB, SCP, SCE

Valiant Lady Seriously Suite Cabin Accomodation Stateroom

Seriously Suite

Approx. 285 sq. ft.

Embark on an extraordinary journey of refined luxury with the Seriously Suite cabins on Valiant Lady. Delight in the abundance of opulence, complete with a meticulously stocked in-room bar, where you can indulge in your favorite libations. Experience a delightful sense of nostalgia as you spin your cherished tunes on the record player. This suite is thoughtfully designed to offer an ample space to immerse yourself in captivating ocean vistas, enveloping you in an atmosphere of pure self-indulgence. This suite caters to those who embrace a life of adventure and celebration, where bottles are uncorked and voyages are enlivened.

Grades: SS

Valiant Lady Mega Rockstar Quarters Cabin Suite Accomodation Stateroom

Mega RockStar Quarters

Approx. 285 - 850 sq. ft.

Unleash your inner rockstar in the extravagant Mega RockStar Quarters aboard Valiant Lady. This suite is meticulously crafted to fulfill your rockstar fantasies, whether you desire a collection of 1000 candy bars, rare-aged gin, or even a penguin (yes, you read that correctly). Enjoy the view of the European king bed from the unique indoor Peek-a-Boo shower, which boasts a dichroic glass window that exudes a sensual ambiance reminiscent of the ocean itself. Turn up the music with the record player, savor drinks from the fully stocked in-room bar, and continue the festivities on the terrace while admiring the stunning sea views from the Champagne table.

Grades: SS, SB, SG, SP, SF, SM


The Wake
The Test Kitchen
Razzle Dazzle
Pink Agave
Extra Virgin

The Wake

The Wake reimagines the timeless charm of mid-20th century chophouses with a contemporary twist. As you descend the elegant grand staircase, you will be transported to a realm that pays homage to the iconic steakhouse culture of the past, reminiscent of the debonair Madison Avenue ad men and their legendary three-martini lunches. However, in this modern era of gender equality and fresh air, The Wake offers a refined dining experience without the presence of cigar smoke.

Bars & Drinks

On the Rocks
The Dock
The Aquatic Club
The Grounds Club

On the Rocks

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of aged spirits at On the Rocks, a haven where the essence of these exceptional elixirs is elevated when served over ice. This destination is perfect for those seeking a thrilling and audacious experience. Begin your evening with live musical performances that set the perfect ambiance, then brace yourself to step outside of your cocktail comfort zone. Delight in exploring new flavors, adding a twist to your favorite drink, or challenging our expert mixologists to craft a one-of-a-kind and spirited masterpiece tailored exclusively to your taste. At On the Rocks, each sip is a chance to revel in the artistry of mixology and forge unforgettable memories.


Scarlet Night
The Casino
The Groupie
Voyage Vinyl
The Social Club
PJ Party

Scarlet Night

Welcome to Scarlet Night, a mesmerizing journey into the enchanting world of the legendary love story between the mysterious Goddess of the Sea and the Sailor who won her heart. Be prepared to be spellbound as the entire ship is transformed into a realm of captivating wonders and extraordinary experiences. Immerse yourself in the magic of pop-up circus performances, engaging interactive games, enchanting karaoke sessions, captivating myth-telling, and exhilarating live music. Join us in celebrating a love that colored the world scarlet, culminating in a vibrant pool illuminated by hues of red and an unforgettable dance party that surpasses all expectations.

Fitness & Spa

The Runway
The Tune Up
Dry Dock
Squid Ink
Barber Shop
Training Camp


The B-Complex is divided into two purpose-driven sections, featuring cutting-edge Technogym equipment, ensuring that you have everything you need to give your all during your workout. The first section houses a versatile fitness studio offering a range of classes, from Bungee to BARRE, catering to various exercise preferences. The second section is a cycling studio where you can enjoy spin sessions without any additional cost. Additionally, personal training sessions can be booked for personalized guidance. With breathtaking views to motivate you, the B-Complex is designed to help you push through the burn and achieve your fitness goals.

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