Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady Cruise Ship

Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady: The first of four ships that joined the fleet in 2021 and is delivering an unprecedented festival-at-sea experience for like-minded, adventurous travelers. No kids, no set dining times, no buffets, no limits!

The eye-catching Scarlet Lady

Experience the revolution of cruising with Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady, the first of four innovative ships debuting in 2021. Designed exclusively for adults, Scarlet Lady offers a fresh perspective on cruising, catering to first-timers and non-cruisers alike. Crafted by visionaries with no prior cruising experience, she's perfectly tailored to entice and captivate. From her striking outline, vibrant color scheme, to her meticulously planned deck layout, Scarlet Lady stands out in every Caribbean port. Keep an eye out for the iconic mermaid adorning her bow, a bold departure from Virgin Atlantic's renowned flying lady. Prepare to embark on a remarkable voyage like no other.

Cabins & Accomodation

The cabins and suites on Scarlet Lady offer a modern, yacht-inspired design and innovative technology, creating an exceptional retreat. These spaces provide a cozy, stylish, and smart experience, embodying the essence of sailing the Virgin way – a signature moment of escape and relaxation, designed for modern travelers.

Solo Insider cabin, Scarlet Lady

Solo Insider

Approx. 175 sq. ft.

Ideal for solo travelers who enjoy late nights and sleeping in, the Solo Insider cabins on Scarlet Lady offer a cozy cocoon-like retreat. With standard cabin amenities and a convenient absence of windows, these cabins provide a relaxing space for one guest. Experience comfort and convenience in the Solo Insider cabins, tailored for the modern solo traveler seeking a restful and enjoyable journey on the high seas.

Grades: I1

The Insider Cabin, Scarlet Lady

The Insider

Approx. 180 sq. ft.

For those who prefer undisturbed rest without the disturbance of morning sunlight, The Insider cabins on Scarlet Lady are the ideal choice. These window-free cabins provide all the amenities of other accommodations, minus the pesky glare. Designed to accommodate up to three guests, they offer a comfortable and peaceful environment for a restful night's sleep.

Grade: IN

Social Insider Cabin, Virgin Voyages

Social Insider

Approx. 170 sq. ft.

The Social Insider cabins on Scarlet Lady are designed for group travelers seeking the ultimate onboard experience. With no windows, the cabin offers privacy and a sense of secrecy. The cleverly designed space features bunk beds that easily transform from sleeping to sitting. Amenities include a spacious rainshower, mood lighting, and advanced cabin technology. Enjoy entertainment on the large 50" 4K TV and utilize the provided steamer, hairdryer, and in-room safe. The cabin also boasts a unique game console for added entertainment. Accommodating up to four guests, the Social Insider cabins redefine group camaraderie at sea.

Grade: I4

The Sea View Cabin, Scarlet Lady

The Sea View

Approx. 190 - 220 sq. ft.

The Sea View cabins on Scarlet Lady offer stunning ocean views and all the essential amenities for a comfortable stay. Each cabin includes a unique window seat and features a seabed, spacious rainshower, mood lighting, and a 43” 4K TV. Accommodating up to three guests, these cabins provide a perfect space to enjoy the beauty of the ocean while being surrounded by modern comforts and conveniences.

Grades: V1, VW

The Sea Terrace Cabin, Scarlet Lady

The Sea Terrace

Approx. 185 - 225 sq. ft.

The Sea Terrace cabins on Scarlet Lady offer breathtaking ocean views, whether you're inside enjoying the European queen bed or relaxing on the sustainable sourced, hand-woven terrace hammock. These cabins feature nautically inspired brass and leather finishings, creating a sophisticated atmosphere. The cabin's clever design includes a personal tablet for adjusting mood lighting, music, and accessing room service. Freshen up in the upgraded bathroom with a roomy rainshower. Accommodating up to four guests, the Sea Terrace cabins provide a sensory and luxurious experience with an unparalleled connection to the sea.

Grades: TC, TX, TR, TL

Sweet Aft Suite, Scarlet Lady

Sweet Aft Suite

Approx. 235 sq. ft.

Indulge in the ultimate ocean views with the Sweet Aft suite on Scarlet Lady. The highest and most spacious terrace offers an unobstructed and captivating back-of-the-ship experience. Lounge in the hand-woven hammock chair or gather around the Champagne table for true relaxation. The suite features a luxurious Peek-a-Boo shower, allowing you to bask in natural sunlight. With a fully stocked in-room bar and a record player, this suite is perfect for starting the party. Experience pure bliss for up to two guests in the Sweet Aft suite.

Cheeky Cabin suite, Scarlet Lady

Cheeky Corner Suite

Approx. 300 - 500 sq. ft.

Immerse yourself in panoramic views from the corner of the ship with the Cheeky Corner suites on Scarlet Lady. These suites are designed to highlight the stunning ocean views, with custom carbon fiber chairs on the terrace for maximum enjoyment. Relax near the outdoor Champagne table or in the hand-woven hammock chair while gazing at the wake view. Enjoy the vinyl record player and personalized fully stocked in-room bar. Freshen up in the top-to-bottom marble bathroom with a spacious rainshower. The Cheeky Corner suites offer the ultimate luxury experience for up to two guests.

Grades: SCB, SCP, SCE

Seriously Suite Cabin, Scarlet Lady

Seriously Suite

Approx. 285 sq. ft.

Experience the seriously luxurious Seriously Suite cabins on Scarlet Lady. Indulge in a fully stocked in-room bar and spin your favorite tunes on the record player. With ample space to admire mesmerizing ocean views, this suite elevates luxury and self-care to an art form. Relax in the hand-woven hammock on the terrace, gather around the outdoor champagne table, and enjoy the indoor Peek-a-Boo shower. This suite is perfect for those who want to live life to the fullest, with bottle popping and voyage rocking. Accommodating up to two guests, the Seriously Suite is the epitome of luxury.

Grade: SS

Mega RockStar Quarters, Scarlet Lady

Mega RockStar Quarters

Approx. 285 - 850 sq. ft.

Unleash your inner rocker in the Mega RockStar Quarters on Scarlet Lady. Whether your wildest desires are 1000 candy bars, rare-aged gin, or even a penguin (seriously, try us), this suite will bring your rockstar dreams to life. Enjoy the view of the European king bed from the indoor Peek-a-Boo shower, with a dichroic glass window that rivals the ocean itself in sensuality. Crank up the tunes on the record player, serve drinks from the fully stocked in-room bar, and then take the party to the terrace, soaking in more stunning sea views around the Champagne table. This suite can accommodate up to four guests, ensuring a rockstar experience for all.

Grades: SS, SB, SG, SP, SF, SM

What's on board Scarlet Lady?

Welcome to the innovative world on board the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady ship, where luxury meets rebelliousness. Embark on a truly unique experience featuring exquisite restaurants, vibrant entertainment, rejuvenating spa treatments, thrilling activities, and luxurious accommodations, all designed to redefine the traditional cruise experience.

Scarlet Lady at a glance

Bars & Dining
Health & Wellness

Bars & Dining

Indulge in a revolutionary dining experience on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady. From Mexican cuisine at Pink Agave to communal dining at Geonbae, and freshly-made pasta at Extra Virgin, there's something for every taste. Enjoy market-style fare at Galley, made-to-order pizza at Pizza Place, and transformed ingredient treats at Test Kitchen. Quench your thirst at various bars, including the exclusive Richard's Rooftop and The Athletic Club. Basic drinks such as filtered water, juices, teas, and coffees are included in the fare, and most dining venues have their own bar.

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