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OK, we’re going to say the C word and it’s not Coronavirus. Christmas this year is looking – how shall we put this…uncertain – which means all the more reason to go big next year. A Christmas cruise is always a good idea, especially when there’s no limit on how many people can be around the Christmas tree. No pressure Christmas 2021, but we’re expecting good things from you.

We are regularly asked about Christmas cruises here at Bolsover Cruise Club and we’re answering those all-important questions you’ve always wanted to know before planning one to remember for next year.

Christmas Cruises

Despite all the planning, preparation and stress that comes with Christmas, it goes without saying that it’s a special time of year nevertheless.  Shopping for and cooking Christmas dinner for all the family might be the most arduous task of the year, but it’s the meal we all secretly look forward to sitting down to together all year round. Yes, the house will be a mess and a family tiff is almost guaranteed somewhere along the way, but it’s worth it. Isn’t it?

What if you could look forward to Christmas Day next year, without even having to consider the stress and complications that come with it? And what if, instead of forking out an admission fee for the local boozer that usually comes for free every other Friday of the year, you could spend New Year’s Eve watching fireworks in Funchal or over the Sydney Opera House?

Sure, you could go out for the day or book a Christmas break in the UK but we’re talking about going one better than that. We’re talking about leaving the house for a week or two, leaving festive madness in your wake and stepping foot aboard a cruise to enjoy a cruise over Christmas in 2021. Sounds tempting doesn’t it? A cruise at Christmas could mean spending Christmas morning eating breakfast on your balcony and celebrating New Year’s Eve at sea.

There are tons of Christmas cruises available for 2021 and planning further ahead is that something to look forward to we’re all in need of right now. Before you get to work liaising with your nearest and dearest to start making arrangements (from afar – safety first!), here are the answers to some of your Christmas cruise questions to help make that decision just that little bit easier. We’ll save you a sherry at sea…

Will Christmas be the same on a Christmas cruise as it is at home?

No, it will be better!

One of the first topics of conversation that comes up when someone is considering cruises over Christmas is always the discussion over whether passengers will miss out on the festive mood and decorations that adorn our streets each year.  Funnily enough, you’ll probably see even more festive sparkle decking the halls and atriums on board a Christmas cruise that you would at home, so you needn’t worry about missing out. Most cruise lines go big on the decorations, so your magpie tendencies will be satisfied with stairway garlands, gingerbread villages and enough fairy lights to put the local high street to shame.

Cruises over Christmas and New Year are all about the festivities; the crew are excited, the movies in the cinema and up on deck tend to take on a Christmas theme and you might even spot Santa himself kicking back on a sun lounger poolside.

Christmas cruise on P&O Cruises Ventura

What if I get bored on my Christmas cruise?

Put simply, there’s no chance!

No matter the time of year, cruise holidays are packed full of exciting entertainment and a wide range of activities to keep us busy, whatever our age and interests. From relaxing by the pool and soaking up the sunshine, to exploring ports of calls that have been chosen because they’re some of the best places to spend Christmas and New Year, there’s never a dull moment on a Christmas cruise.

Activities and entertainment go into overdrive on Christmas holiday sailings, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be roped into carol singing. The beauty of cruising at Christmas and New Year is that it’s as easy to escape the festivities one day as it is to go all out on Christmas spirit the next. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling on your own, as a couple or with the children as a family; there is something for everyone on board.

There’s no denying that such destinations as Lapland and of course a Disneyland visit walk hand in hand with this time of year, but we believe a Christmas cruise can be even better! A Christmas cruise boasts so many special activities for children of all ages that they won’t know where to go or what to do first and parents will also have the chance to release their inner child and join in the fun.  The only problem is that there’s a danger both they and you will love it so much that a family cruise at Christmas becomes a yearly thing!

Christmas wreath decorations on a christmas cruise

But there’s nothing like a home cooked Christmas dinner…

You’ve seen nothing yet!

That’s very true, there is nothing like the amazing aroma of a Christmas dinner wafting around the house. But imagine having that same mouth-watering aroma on a luxury cruise ship, waking up on Christmas morning to spectacular sea views and festive enthusiasm on the face of every fellow passenger and crew member you pass. It’s a pretty magical feeling!

You can relax with the peace of mind that wherever you are in the world, the ship will be ready and waiting to serve a whole host of traditional and creative festive treats when the time comes, right down to the pigs in blankets.

What about dessert you say?  Haven’t you heard that cruise lines are the pioneers of sweet tooth creations?  From the traditional Christmas pudding to a fabulous array of alternatives, including a whole gingerbread village, the last thing you need worry about is appeasing your appetite on board a cruise over Christmas next year.

Gingerbread village in the making on Celebrity Cruises

Will Christmas be the same in the sun?

Yes! And glorious sunshine sure beats the British Weather.

We all associate the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ with wrapping up warm and perhaps lighting the fire to avoid the winter chill.  For some, the sight of a drop of snow hitting the ground is an exciting time, especially for children whose first thought is often ‘snowman!’. For most of us though, the first thing we think about is how we’re going to get to work when roads are gridlocked. With a Christmas cruise, you don’t need to worry about any of this; in fact, the only weather forecast you’ll be looking at is for where you’re heading, not wherever you’re leaving behind.  From the year-round warm climate of the Canary Islands to the sun-kissed waters of the Caribbean, you can escape it all and just relax on a holiday over Christmas and New Year!

It might seem strange to think of warm weather and relaxing by the pool at Christmas time but until you’ve done it, you don’t know just how good it can be.

Tropical beach in the Caribbean

Why wait?

We’ve talked so much about Christmas Day but it’s important to note that the Christmas celebrations start early on board and do not just revolve around the exact week that Christmas takes place.  Take a look at some of the cruises just before if you prefer to be at home for the big day.  They’re often exceptionally good value for money and it means that when you’re sat around the table at home with the family on Christmas Day, it’ll be with the added bonus of a suntan.

Looking for a short break over the Christmas period? During the build-up to Christmas, there are plenty of short break cruises and mini cruises from Southampton that can see you setting your sights on Northern Europe and exploring the great range of Christmas markets that take place throughout December.  We’re going to miss them this year, so what better way to get you in the mood for the festivities once things are looking a little more settled?

Gingerbread and candy at a European Christmas market

Christmas is over…is it time to get back to the grind?

Not just yet, we haven’t quite finished!

Just because Christmas Day on a cruise is done, that doesn’t mean that the celebrations stop there.  Next on the agenda; New Year!  This is another fantastic time to be on board a cruise as your ship provides a festive party atmosphere around every corner.  New Year’s Eve is one big celebration with you at the centre of it and cruises over New Year tend to sail to some of the most incredible sights the world has to offer. Will you watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks over the Sydney Harbor Bridge or the New York skyline? Welcome in the New Year in the Caribbean, cocktail in hand, or visit the likes of Funchal in the Canaries.  There is no better way to celebrate the turn of the year.

So, should I stay or should I go?

Go! Heading off on holiday at Christmas can be a big decision with family to keep happy but we’re confident a Christmas cruise will be one of the best holidays you ever have. With festive entertainment, first-class cuisine and someone else doing the pots – not to mention a chance to shun the family feuds and frantic high street – there’s no reason not to book your Christmas cruise for 2021.

What are you waiting for? Just don’t forget to tell Santa you won’t be at home this year…

Celebrity Cruises Christmas cruise

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    On a Cunard ship Christmas Eve there were commerative mugs on our pillows as well as the usual chocolates
    Is this a happening on other cruise lines?


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