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This festive season, a camera team had unprecedented access on board Seven Seas Splendor to explore the secrets of what makes a truly luxurious Christmas cruise. The result? Fascinating perspectives and behind-the-scenes insights have been captured and documented in a new Christmas special. Settle down with your favourite tipple and see for yourself what makes sailing with Regent Cruises An Unrivalled Experience.

What is the world’s most expensive Christmas cruise?

If the World’s Most Expensive Christmas Cruise on Channel 5 is to be believed, then you’ll need to reserve yourself a festive rendezvous onboard Seven Seas Splendor. This Regent Seven Seas ship houses a select number of guests at full capacity (740 to be precise) and 542 crew. It’s safe to say that with one of the best guest-to-crew ratios out there, you’re pretty much guaranteed the ultra-luxurious experience you’d rightly expect from the most expensive Christmas cruise.

If booking yourself a trip the most expensive cruise ship isn’t enough, you’ll also need to go all out on your choice of cabin. No matter which end of the spectrum you go for, every single room on board Seven Seas Splendor is a suite. You’ll get top quality furnishings, smiling service and an ever-changing view of the world as it passes by – but for some, only the best will do.

The most expensive room on the Seven Seas Splendor is the Regent Suite. Located right up on deck 14, you’ll have no fewer than 372 square metres of spaces to swan about in. The balcony alone spans 120 square metres and comes complete with a custom-made Tresse Minipool.

As you’d expect from a cruise ship of this calibre, the entire suite is as tastefully decorated as they come. The Regent Suite has not one but two spacious bedrooms, living room and two walk-in wardrobes. If that’s not enough, there’s also a private in-suite spa with sauna, steam room and hot tub.

Oh, and did we mention you get daily canapes, luxury toiletries and one in-suite caviar service to enjoy from the luxury of your room? If you’re willing to pay for the most expensive Christmas cruise, then you might as well go all out, right?

We were lucky enough to get a first-hand look at Seven Seas Splendor. Take a look at our blog to see our first impressions before this ship was propelled to superstardom!

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