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Family Staterooms

New ship designs cater better for families than ever before and the likes of Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises are amongst those accommodating larger families in recent years. Family staterooms from these cruise lines can sleep up to 6, allowing families plenty of space and facilities from which to enjoy their holiday.

Many cruise lines, including P&O Cruises and Royal Caribbean, also offer family suites. Though expensive, suites are great for families, thanks to multiple bedrooms and segregated areas offering privacy for adults and kids alike.

Booking two staterooms is another popular option for families, with many opting for interconnecting cabins. This option allows families to choose whether to leave the interconnecting door open or close it, but means that the whole family can be located together on the ship. Alternatively, families may wish to book a combination of balcony cabin and inside cabin. In most instances, the balcony cabin is used as a meeting place and to appreciate the views, while the inside cabin serves purely as an area for sleeping and changing. This is a great option for families with older children, as it gives both children and parents their own space.

Age restrictions often apply to children occupying their own cabin and this varies from cruise line to cruise line. Some operators may allow children to occupy a cabin, provided it is located opposite or adjacent to their parent’s cabin. Please speak to your sales consultant for specific information relating to your chosen cruise line.

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