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Outside Ocean View Stateroom

Outside staterooms are also known as ocean view staterooms and are available on most cruise ships. Some newer ships designs have moved away from the outside stateroom, favouring balcony staterooms in their place.

Outside staterooms usually fall within one of three categories: clear view, partially obstructed view and obstructed view. Obstructed view staterooms are the cheapest outside stateroom category and are ideal for passengers who prefer natural light but do not want to pay for a clear view or balcony. The obstruction to your view often comes in the form of part of the ship’s structure, safety equipment or a lifeboat; all obstructions are clearly highlighted on deck plans and discussed in full during booking. Obstructed view staterooms are usually found in some of the best areas of the ship, close to the Promenade Deck and dining and entertainment areas, so shouldn’t be immediately discounted. Clear view outside staterooms are slightly more expensive than obstructed view staterooms and are usually located slightly lower down the ship, below the Promenade Deck but still close to entertainment and dining areas.

Larger outside cabins are available for families and large parties travelling together, however these are exceptionally popular and book up quickly.

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