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Facilities for Children On Board

Family cruise ships are packed with plenty to keep the kids entertained during every moment of their time on board. From kids’ clubs to water parks, surf simulators to games arcades, and everything in between; you’ll never hear the words ‘I’m bored’ uttered on a cruise ship!

Age-specific kids clubs cater for children between the ages of two and 17, with qualified and vetted crew members always on hand to keep children safe and entertained with endless activities. Daytimes call for pool parties, fashion shows, getting crafty, cupcake decorating, cookery classes and lots more, whilst night times are all about pyjama parties, teen nightclubs, roller skating, dodgems and kicking back in chill-out zones.

So, where does that leave the grown-ups? Well, with the kids reluctant to leave the clubs behind and special tea times meaning that they’re kept well fed and watered, it means that the adults are free to enjoy the ‘me time’ that is but a distant memory at home.

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